A Perfect Vintage

Follow the journey of some of the world’s finest winemakers as they dance to the unpredictable rhythms of Mother Nature, taking advantage of the most epic vintage in years. With a backstage pass to Napa Valley, winemakers, vintners, and sommeliers who share their passions and techniques in bringing that perfect bottle of wine from the vine to your table.

Starring: Timothy Milos, Christy Harper, Ron Haber, Bertus van Zyl, Angelina Mondavi

Directed By: Troy Christian

Produced By: Troy Christian, Tom Graves, Timothy Milos

Genre(s): Lifestyle, * New Releases

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (96 Min), YEAR: 2022

Banned Beauty Queen

The story behind Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin who used her beauty to stand up to an oppressive regime. Follow her as she brings attention to China’s human rights atrocities, putting everything on line to stay true to her conscience

Starring: Anastasia Lin (Miss World Canada, human rights activist)

Directed By: Theresa Kowall-Shipp

Produced By: Theresa Kowall-Shipp

Genre(s): Current Affairs, Lifestyle, * New Releases

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (60 Min), YEAR: 2019

Beauty and the Breast

Compelling insight into the reality of breast cancer, as seen through the eyes of nine female patients. Their individual stories demystify the deadly disease while painting intimate, often humorous portraits of struggle, survival and hope - including a unique perspective on prevention.

Starring: 9 Real Women: Amba, Danuta, Kathleen, Lucie, Pamela, Soraya, Susan, Valerie, Wendy

Directed By: Liliana Komorowska

Produced By: Liliana Komorowska

Genre(s): Health/Wellness, Lifestyle

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (90 Min), YEAR: 2013

Comedy Warriors

Five severely wounded Iraq/Afghanistan veterans were given the opportunity to explore their experiences through the healing power of humor. This film follows their journey as they work with professional comedy writers, and A-List comedians who help them write and perform their own personal stand-up comedy routines.

Starring: Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover), Lewis Black (The Daily Show), Bob Saget (Full House), and B.J. Novak (The Office)

Directed By: John Wager

Produced By: John Wager, Ray Reo, Bernadette Luckett

Genre(s): Lifestyle, Health/Wellness, Military

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (74 Min), YEAR: 2013

Fart: A Documentary

Take an in-depth look into the history, social and interpersonal issues surrounding farting. Why does it trigger laughter? What is the difference between male and female farts? Why does it happen? And is it more socially acceptable now?

Starring: Mr. Methane (Worlds only performing Flatulist), a PHD humor expert, a medical doctor, and a group of people who are noted gas passers.

Directed By: Troy Hale

Produced By: Tricky Hale Films

Genre(s): Lifestyle


Runtime: (80 Min), YEAR: 2015

Fifty Shades Uncovered

Take an in-depth look into why this trilogy has become such a runaway success, whether classified as erotic fiction, adult romance or mommy porn, it lifts the lid on a cultural and sexual phenomenon that won’t be restrained as it reaches world domination!

Starring: Exclusive interviews with Jenny Éclair (Grumpy Old Women), Emily Shaw (Playmate), Aura Borealis (Erotic Fiction writer), Mistress Josephine and Sara Nelson (Amazon Books)

Directed By: Sonia Anderson

Produced By: Sonia Anderson

Genre(s): Lifestyle, Current Affairs


Runtime: (70 Min), YEAR: 2014

Finding Happiness

While visiting a spiritual community in northern California an investigative journalist with a fair amount of skepticism and a dash of curiosity discovers that the key to finding happiness comes from within and when you change, everything changes.

Starring: Elisabeth Röhm (American Hustle, Heroes), John M. Jackson (Bones, Jag, A Few Good Men), David Eby, and with Swami Kriyananda

Directed By: Ted Nicolaou

Produced By: Frank Hildebrand, Roberto Bessi

Genre(s): Lifestyle, Health/Wellness


Runtime: (90 Min), YEAR: 2013

God? The Almighty Question

Take a journey around the globe and encounter people from all walks of life - from celebrities, the religious, to atheists and the common person – as they answer the question: "What is God?” with thought-provoking results.

Starring: Hugh Jackman (The Wolverine), David Copperfield, Ringo Starr, Sir Bob Geldof, Seal, and many more.

Directed By: Peter Rodger

Produced By: Peter Rodger

Genre(s): Lifestyle, Religion


Runtime: (78 Min), YEAR: 2014

Inside the Fifty Shades: Real Women Confess

A cinematic exploration of the dominance and submission lifestyle as revealed in the best-selling book trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey. In this film, real women and men reveal their experiences, wants and desires as participants in the world of dominance and submission.

Starring: Interviews with: Real women and men, Experts in the field

Directed By: David Kane Garcia

Produced By: Veronica Rodriguez, Ashley Noel

Genre(s): Lifestyle


Runtime: (60 Min), YEAR: 2013

Not A War Story

This is the story of Hollywood colliding with a group of veterans who are tired of the typical PTSD and valor-portrayed movies to make an original dark comedy zombie apocalypse film, entitled “Range 15”, all on their own.

Starring: Honored Veterans Marcus Luttrell (The Lone Survivor), Medal of Honor recipients Leroy Petry and Clint Romesha, plus Sean Astin, (The Lord of the Rings), William Shatner (Star Trek), Bryan Callen (Hangover) Danny Trejo (Machete), Keith David, (The Nice Guys), Ron Jeremy (The Boondock Saints), Mindy Robinson (Check Point) and more!

Directed By: Tim O’Donnell

Produced By: Nick Palmisciano, Tim O’Donnell, Tim Kennedy

Genre(s): Lifestyle

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (90 Min), YEAR: 2017