Flint Tale

After an injury and losing her college basketball scholarship, a young woman returning home struggles to rebuild her life as she and her family in Flint, Michigan face internal turmoil and the aftermath of a deadly water crisis. The bonds of family are all they have left as they rebuild their lives, their town, and their hope for their future.

Starring: Hawthorne James (Five Heartbeats), Erica Peeple (True to the Game), Tecoya Harris (CheckMate), Sirelle Wilkerson (Blind Venegeance), Shacola Thompson (Detention Day)

Directed By: Marc Cayce

Genre(s): Urban, Drama


Runtime: (110 Min), YEAR: 2021

Once Upon A Lifetime

As a little boy struggles to cope with his difficult home life and his parents’ failing marriage, a mysterious girl suddenly appears. Faith, family, and a special kind of magic come together as his new friend teaches them all about love, forgiveness, and healing. Miracles sometimes happen when we least expect them.

Starring: Arie Thompson (The Wrong Family), Jensen Atwood (Before "I Do"), Phoenix Nicholson (All My Children), Krystian Lyttle (This is Us)

Directed By: David Skato

Genre(s): Urban, * New Releases


Runtime: (85 Min), YEAR: 2021

After Party Secrets

After a wild after party, things seem to have gone a little too far. the top hip hop recording artist, TV actress, and child star find themselves in the same room with a dead body. They must outwit one another, as well as fight to protect their careers as they try to identify the killer.

Starring: Danny "iamCompton" Kirkpatrick (Vh1 Compton Ink Star), Brittany Lucio (A House Divided), Amina Buddafly (Love and Hip Hop)

Directed By: Brandon Scotland

Genre(s): Drama

Runtime: (80 Min), YEAR: 2020

72 Hours (Urban)

The story revolves around Chef Cleavon "Von" Burkett, a former ladies' man who was living the good life with a beautiful wife - until one day he wasn't. A heart attack brings Von face to face with God, and God offers Von a second chance at life, IF he atones to ALL of his exes. With the help of his best friend and the determination to live, Von embarks on a hilarious journey to seek redemption. Von soon realizes that hell hath no fury like the women he's scorned.

Starring: Timon Kyle Durrett, Erica Hubbard, Brian Hooks, Terri J. Vaughn

Directed By: Christopher Nolen

Genre(s): Comedy


Runtime: (90 Min), YEAR: 2015

Act of Faith

Though difficult, these loyal women remain employees of Mr. Brady through his hardship, as he has become their respected father figure. When life challenges this little family on many fronts, they persevere and believe in the promise of a higher power. After the death of his beloved wife, Mr. Brady struggles to maintain a neighborhood diner in Atlanta Georgia, his few faithful waitresses, have become his only family. Their future is blurred as they too are simultaneously hit with their own personal misfortunes.

Starring: John Amos, Jason Brye, Cassi Davis

Directed By: Dan R. Garcia

Genre(s): Drama


Runtime: (85 Min), YEAR: 2014

Love & Football

A woman is married to a pro football player who is suddenly injured. Attracted to money and fame, she leaves him for another football player. Broken in both body and spirit, he hits rock bottom but his nurse tries to bring him back to the man he was.

Starring: Amin Joseph (The Expendables, G.I. Joe: Retaliation), Taja V. Simpson (Karma Bitch, White Crack Bastard), Efé (Cleaver Family Reunion, A Piece of Secret), Jenn Pinto (Into the Woods, Cricket Head), Rick Irvin (Ghost Month, Death Valley Diary), Tia Streaty (Who Do You Know?, Kidnapped Souls), Steve Synder (Foxy Lady TV, Deceitful)

Directed By: Cora Anne

Produced By: Steve Synder, David Kane Garcia, Ashley Noel

Genre(s): Urban


Runtime: 85 min, YEAR: 2013

All the Women I Have Loved

Confident and handsome TV executive, LeBaron Brown, has it all: great career; beautiful girlfriend. Life is perfect... until he gets dumped!

Starring: Ashley Elizabeth Hebert (The Twilight Saga), Amber Harmon (First Dog), Van Chew (BET Comicview), Nancy Armstrong (Second Opinion)

Genre(s): Romantic Comedy

Runtime: (88 Min), YEAR: 2011