Discover the secrets of Egypt in 3D! Take a look at the pyramids, pharaohs, mummification, the Sphinx, hieroglyphs and gods like never before in this stereoscopic journey in full 3D HD!

Starring: Felix Wuergler, Glen McCready, Javier Fernandez, and Stephanie Cornicard

Directed By: Timo Joh Mayer

Produced By: Benjamin Eicher, Timo Joh Mayer, Los Banditos Films GmbH

Genre(s): History, 3D, Archaeology


Runtime: (50 Min), YEAR: 2013

Egypt: New Discoveries, Ancient Mysteries

Famous Egyptologist, Zahi Hawass takes us on an incredible intimate journey into exclusive never-before-seen excavation sites in Ancient Egypt. The spectator is live at the center of the discovery as tombs are opened only for our cameras, and the mysteries of Egyptian culture are revealed.

Directed By: De Agostini Editore

Produced By: De Agostini Editore

Genre(s): History, Archaeology


Runtime: (7 x 1 hr - TV, 10 hrs - DVD), YEAR: 2008

Secrets of Archaeology

Take a virtual reality tour of histories most intriguing ancient civilizations. Uncover the secrets of the pyramids as the pharaohs reach for immortality, walk the streets of the Eternal City of Rome, relive a step-by-step reconstruction of Pompeii under the shadow of mighty Vesuvius, experience life in bustling Baghdad and journey to Latin America to the mythical "El Dorado."

Starring: Narrated by Roger Steffens

Produced By: Robert Yuhas, Instituto Geografico De Agostini

Genre(s): History, Archaeology


Runtime: (27 x 1/2 hr), YEAR: 2003