Girl Explores Girl: Alien Encounter


An Erotic Force from Beyond the Galaxy ...


Darian Caine, Laurie Wallace, Victoria Vega, Natalia Ashe


Comedy, Erotic

RUNTIME: (110 Min)


John Bacchus


Michael Raso

YEAR: 1998

RELEASE DATE: 01/01/1998



Long Synopsis

From beyond the stars come two aliens - not to destroy our world, but to learn how to reproduce and save their dying planet. To blend in, Galaxia assumes the form of a sinfully gorgeous and sexy blonde while Zorkon becomes...well...a dork. Their research begins with them peeking into windows witnessing hot & steamy encounters between Earth men and women. Zorkon quickly gets the idea and wants to experiment with Galaxia's luscious, delectable body. But Galaxia must learn more, and soon discovers a strange yet sensual attraction to the human female species. Quicker than you can count the moons of Primax, Galaxia starts indulging her wettest, wildest alien fantasies with the most seductive and voluptuous Earth women who willingly offer their bodies to her sensuous lips and exploring fingers. Zorkon, meanwhile, finds his own beautiful women, but they only have eyes - and hungry mouths - for one another. Will Galaxia and Zorkon unite in human ecstasy and save their planet, or will Galaxia's luxurious lesbian desires and alien seduction spell doom for their civilization?