Passion of the Priest


Guided by faith, blinded by hope, betrayed by love. A priest struggles between his vows and his desires.


John Michie (To Walk With Lions), Ben Taylor (Beau Geste), Rhona Mitra (Hollow Man, Doomsday), Kate Steavenson (Richard III)

RUNTIME: (104 Min)


Tom Waller


Tom Waller, Samantha Keston

YEAR: 1998

RELEASE DATE: 01/01/1998






Long Synopsis

Eddie Dawson (JOHN MICHIE "A Passage To India") had always believed that he could make a difference in life through serving God. But during his quest to save humanity, his na•ve dreams begin to shatter. As a teacher at the aristocratic Kirkham Abbey school, Dawson's radical ideas and obsession for charity keep drawing him deeper into conflict with the rules of St. Benedict. And when he tries to use the monastery to give shelter to a young unwed mother, he is expelled from his order and sent to Westminster.In London, Dawson meets Theresa (KATE STEAVENSON-PAYNE "Richard III"), the pretty teenage daughter of a Chelsea parishioner, but their close friendship soon tests his faith. Suffering a crisis of conscience, Dawson realizes that he, like any other human being, is prone to the harsh realities of life. Dawson ultimately renounces his priestly vows, and turns to his long time schoolboy friend Bobby Winterman (BEN TAYLOR "Every Time We Say Goodbye"), who helps to secure him a job as a journalist. However, the job he lands is for a sleazy tabloid newspaper, and he is forced to invent stories of "Sex and Sin" by his ruthless editor Allenby (MARTIN KEMP "The Krays"). At the same time, he falls in love with the beautiful Jenny Stanten (PAULA HAMILTON "Mad Dogs And Englishmen"), only to have this new love shattered when he discovers his trust betrayed by Winterman...