Shades of Gray


A beautiful young sketch artist's drawing of a murder suspect matches the description of her own husband. Could her new husband be a brutal murderer, or is her ex-husband seeking revenge?


Kelly Burns (Divorce: The Musical, Streetsweeper), Tom Reilly and Blake Adams (Six feet Under)

RUNTIME: (95 Min)


Jag Mundhra


Jag Mundhra, Victor Bhalla


Carl Austin, Jag Mundhra

YEAR: 1997

RELEASE DATE: 01/01/1997






Long Synopsis

Gray Goodman (KELLY BURNS) is a beautiful young L.A.P.D. sketch artist. A deadly encounter with a serial killer, who she helped to catch, leaves her scarred physically as well as emotionally. Fed up with this life of criminals and exasperated by her boyfriend, homicide detective Jack Kincaidâs (DOUG JEFFERY), reluctance to commit to marriage, she flees the city and moves to her home town, a quaint little hilltop village called Idyllwood. When her car breaks down on a rural highway, she gets a ride from a helpful truck driver, Frank Maxwell (TOM REILLEY), whose down home charm and sense of humor wins her heart. A few months later, she marries him and starts a new life as an art teacher in the local high school, where her sister Joyce (KATHY SHOWER) is the Principal. When one of her favorite art students, Amy (MICHELLE HELM), is found murdered in the woods, her brother-in-law, the local sheriff (GRANVILLE AMES), asks for help from L.A.P.D.âs homicide division. To Grayâs discomfort, her ex-boyfriend Kincaid shows up to investigate this murder. A break in the case comes when a traveling salesman steps forward as the only eye witness to have seen Amy alive, hitchhiking a ride from a truck driver. Kincaid asks Gray for help to interview the eyewitness. As the sketch drawn from the eyewitnessâs description emerges to resemble her own husband, Gray is faced with an agonizing dilemma: Could the man she loves be a brutal murderer? Or is her ex-boyfriend trying to frame her husband?