Dominion: The Last Star Warrior


In five days the world changed. As a retired Intelligence agent turned UFO investigator races to discover the fate of the human race, an alien observer searches for the human woman he loves.


Travis Hammer (The Lone Ranger), Barry Lynch (Red Dead Redemption), Booboo Stewart ( X-Men: Days of Future Past), Lisa Marie (Planet Of The Apes), Sasha Jackson (Jarhead 3: The Siege), Stephen Blackeheart (Guardians Of The Galaxy)


Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

RUNTIME: (83 Min)


Richard Lowry


Paul J. Alessi, Kimber Eastwood, Erick Hansen, Paula Ray, Booboo Stewart

YEAR: 2016





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Long Synopsis

"UFO investigator Robert Casey (Barry Lynch, Red Dawn Redemption) escapes government agents who are following him and hides out in a motel in a small, remote town. He meets Jaelen, (Travis Hammer, The Lone Ranger) a mysterious mad and video tapes him as he warns of an oncoming extraterrestrial invasion occurring in five days. It turns out that Jaelen is t from this world, and his story is confirmed by others of his species (Lisa Marie, Planet of the Apes), who are urging the people of Earth to prepare for the worst. Jaelen asks Robert to take his crystal device housing thousands of years of human progression and secret war plans to his rescue ship, while he searches for his human lover Alyssa and his unborn child. Unbekwnst to Jaelen, the evil Draconians (Booboo Stewart, X-Men, Days of Future Past) have removed Alyssa’s unborn fetus and placed it into a form of hibernation fluid. Will Robert and Jaelen be able to save his family, and the entire human race from destruction?"