From War To Wisdom


Decorated veterans experience trauma returning to civilian life after their adrenaline-filled experiences in war have ended. And so their new mission begins, serving other veterans on the home front and changing the world for the better.


FEATURED VETERANS: Josh Hisle, Scott Blakely, Edward Smith, Jared Vrazel, Frank Weston, Matt Lorscheider, Nick Salcedo, Justin  Oxenrider, Hans Palmer, Rick Pickeral, Kenny Bass, Ragtime, Travis Elfgren, Josh Rivers, Tyler Engel, Mark Llano, and Mike Whiter.


History, Military

RUNTIME: (104 Min)


Daniel R. Collins, Josh Hisle

YEAR: 2017


HD & 5.1




Photos / Additional Key Art

Long Synopsis

When the war ends, the real battle begins. A group of elite United States Marines discuss the psychological injuries of war—and the unexpected trauma of returning to civilian life after their time in combat has ended. But even in their most challenging, darkest moments, our nation’s veterans can learn to connect with each other, find ways to serve their fellow veterans on the home front, and make it their new mission to change the world for the better.