When two old acquaintances meet for the first time in years, there is an instant attraction. They’re both in committed relationships but their chance encounter has them wondering “what if.” Secret meet-ups that begin as “casual” become romantic and they both look at the truth in themselves to determine who they are and what they want in life and love. Is the grass truly greener on the other side?


Giacomo Gianniotti (Grey’s Anatomy), Laysla De Oliveira (Locke & Key) , Raymond Ablack (Teenagers), Rachel Skarsten (Batwoman), Adelaide Kane (Reign)


Romantic Drama

RUNTIME: (101 Min)


Natty Zavitz


Giacomo Gianniotti, Peter Harvey, Aidan Kahn, Jonathan Keltz, James O'Donnell

YEAR: 2020


HD & 5.1




Key Marketing Points

• Poignant and adorable romance
• Full cast participation
• Produced by Giacomo Gianniotti from Grey's Anatomy

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Long Synopsis

In this unconventional modern romance about when and how a person chooses to love, Drew (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Emma (Laysla De Oliveira) run into each other at a bar for the first time since high school. Though they’re aware of the instant sparks between them, they’re both also in committed relationships. Drew has just bought a house with his long-time girlfriend Claire (Rachel Skarsten) while Emma’s boyfriend Alex (Raymond Ablack) is looking to study abroad. Seemingly casual texts develop into secret meet ups and the possibility of much more, but their chance encounter has them wondering “what if.” While Emma's friends Cheri (Adelaide Kane) and Alana (Mouna Traoré) help her prioritize her own needs, Drew's friend Allan (Jonathan Keltz) provides him with some much needed perspective. Together, Drew and Emma wonder whether the love they know is better than the love that might be.