Vampire Vixens


The resurrected daughter of Dracula searches in "vein" for beautiful lesbians to serve as her eternal bedmate. Loser Eugene performs her bidding.


Tina Krause, A.J. Khan, John Paul Fedele, Mia Copia, Misty Mundae, Darian Caine


Erotic, Comedy, Horror

RUNTIME: (78 Min)


John Bacchus


Michael Raso


John Bacchus

YEAR: 2003

RELEASE DATE: 01/01/2003



Long Synopsis

Vampire Vixens - the lip-smacking, long-awaited sequel to the erotic cult hit, The Vampire's Seduction. The fanged and fabulously succulent daughter of Count Dracula has returned once again from beyond the grave. Dracoola (Mia Copia) is her name, and seducing gorgeous women is her game. Dracoola desires only the choicest lesbians, and to that end, she requires the service of the nerdy Eugene Renfield to deliver the hot'n'writhing goods to her lair. Eugene is skilled at eavesdropping on ultra-sexy female encounters of the naughtiest kind whether its two curious college girls sharing their young, supple bodies or a trio of uninhibited beauties who know exactly what they want, yet he comes away empty-handed from each voyeuristic interlude. But Dracoola gives Eugene a more pressing task - to hunt down and destroy Wally Van Helsing, great-great grandson of the infamous vampire hunter and her #1 nemesis. Amidst the sighs and moans of voluptuous babes in the throes of ecstasy, Dracoola, Eugene and Wally face off against one another. Who will be the victor, who the vanquished, and who the vixen?