On A Long Breath


Experience the impressive performance of world champion free-diver Pierre Frolla as he interacts with a family of sperm whales, swims in harmony with a giant moray eel, and meets many sharks face to face during 51 days of shooting in the Indian, Pacific, Atlantic Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea.


Pierre Frolla (World Champion Free-diver)


Nature, Sports

RUNTIME: (52 Min)


Philippe Gerard


Philippe Gerard

YEAR: 2015






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Long Synopsis

Imagine six minutes without breath, slipping below the ocean’s surface to frolic with sperm whales, swim in tandem with a giant moray eel, and glide fearlessly with shark predators. World Champion free-diver Pierre Frolla experiences that and more in this captivating underwater adventure…and you’re invited along for the journey. Over 51 days, Frolla explores the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean Sea, offering a firsthand glimpse into a fascinating and vibrant world. He’ll visit sacred territories, meet fish hunters from tribes avowed to live in harmony with the sea and discover long-forgotten shipwrecks teeming with life. As the sport of free-diving continues to grow and scientists uncover more facts about our ability to adapt to extreme environments, such as very deep diving, On A Long Breath exposes the limits humans will go to share a deeper connection with our aquatic companions. Whether you’re a diver, a marine enthusiast, or someone who prefers to stay on solid ground, this film offers a rare and unforgettable view into the Earth’s underwater mysteries.