Assignment, The


After her acceptance to a prestigious music school, Eliza's world is rocked when she uncovers a shocking mystery about her family. Thus begins her journey of self discovery that will shed light on her past, and inspire her passion to fulfill her destiny.


Linsey Godfrey (The House Bunny), Adam Baldwin (Full Metal Jacket), Jake Thomas, French Stewart (Home Alone 4), Robert Culp


Family, Teen

RUNTIME: (94 Min)


Timothy J. Nelson


Jeff T. Miller

YEAR: 2011


HD & 5.1




Photos / Additional Key Art

Long Synopsis

Eliza Baird, a beautiful and talented young pianist attending Wesleyan Academy, dreams of attending the world-famous Paris Music Conservatory. But just as she and her family celebrate her acceptance, her world is turned upside down when Mr. Clements, the school’s brilliant, yet mysterious new history teacher assigns an unusual class project that inadvertently threatens both her past and her future. Researching her family history, Eliza discovers she’s not who she thought she was! And her passion and talent seem to have vanished along with her identity. Eliza learns that the plot is thicker than she imagined and she's not the only one with a mystery to solve! With help from her friends, she's encouraged to make peace with the secret truth of her past, follow her dreams and reclaim her destiny as a world-class musician. If today is tomorrow’s history, Eliza must make it count!