Challenge of the Tiger


An international plot to take over the world’s resources is foiled by a martial arts expert (Bruce Le) and his American playboy associate (Richard Harrison). A wild martial arts adventure with many erotic scenes.


Bolo Yeung ( Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport), Bruce Le (Challenge of the Tiger, Super Hero), Richard Harrison (Master of the World), Nadiuska (Conan the Barbarian), Brad Harris (Hercules, King of Kong Island) Directed by: Bruce Le and Luigi Batzella Produced by: Bruce Le and Dick Randall Written by: Bruce Le and Poon Fan

RUNTIME: (86 Min)


Bruce Lee, Luigi Batzella


Bruce Lee, Dick Randall


Poon Fan, Bruce Lee

YEAR: 1980

RELEASE DATE: 01/01/1980



Long Synopsis

For Your Height Only is a legend among lovers of truly 'out there' cinema. A film about a two and a half foot tall Filipino secret agent; a kung fu master and a suave loving machine who struts his stuff in a Travolta style white suit... Can it be true that such a film really exists? It can and it does. Unquestionably one of the most outrageous and totally whaked movies in the world, it tells the incredible story of how Agent 00 takes on the mysterious "Mr Giant" and his death dealing gang of white slayers and drug runners. See him fly through the sky in his mini jet-pack; see him fell his opponents by biting them on the behind; just see him...! The Disc also features the amazing Bruce Le in his best film ever. An astonishing display of red hot material arts action and thrills as two secret agents race around the globe to foil a crazed madman's plan for world domination.