Urban Ghost Story


After a near death experience, a young girl is plagued by a Poltergeist -- or is it her conscience?


Jason Connery (Shanghai Noon), Elizabeth Berrington (Quill), Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings) and introducing Heather Ann Foster

RUNTIME: (82 Min)


Geneviéve Jolliffe


Chris Jones


Geneviéve Jolliffe, Chris Jones

YEAR: 1998

RELEASE DATE: 01/01/1998






Long Synopsis

Lizzie lies dead on the roadside - slowly she is taken into the light - but is pulled back to earth when revived by the doctors. She feels sure that during the 184 seconds that she lay dead, something latched on to her and came back into her world. The nightmares and visions that follow only crystallize her belief that she should have been the one to die in the crash... instead of her best friend who didn't make it. Then the disturbances start, at first merely tappings and bad smells - but soon the activity escalates. Lizzie seems to be the focus, but according to others, she's just playing games for attention. Only when Kate, her mother, is confronted with inexplicable events does she face the possibility that they may be the victims of a poltergeist infestation. The family has no option but to ask for help, but everywhere Kate turns she is met with ridicule or a brick wall. Finally, Kate's plea is answered by a newspaper journalist from the local press with his own hidden agenda - he brings in all manner of experts - parapsychologists, spiritualists, exorcists - all of whom offer their services whilst championing their own individual theories for the unexplained phenomena As the Fisher household is invaded by battling investigators, Lizzie continues to experience terrible nightmares, recurring apparitions of the crash and visions of a hell in which she is sure she is damned to spend eternity. Ultimately, Lizzie has to accept that her friend is dead and face up to the demons of her past...