Healer, The


Global Mission: Donating 100% to children with cancer. So far #1 Box office in Spain, Mexico, Colombia - Producer has P&A & proven Marketing plan with children’s hospitals and celebrities committed to the cause. There is a camp in the UK (Over The Wall) and Ireland (Barretstown) already committed - I will be doing a theatrical release in the USA sponsored by Paul Newman’s camps (https://www.seriousfunnetwork.org/). http://www.thehealer-film.com/ A young man discovers that he has the family gift of healing. As he struggles to understand his new reality, a teenage girl with cancer unexpectedly inspires him to believe in himself, and by helping others, he will find his life purpose.


Camilla Luddington (Grey's Anatomy), Oliver Jackson Cohen (The Haunting of Hill House), Jonathan Pryce (Pirates of the Caribbean, Game of Thrones), Jorge Garcia (Lost), Kaitlyn Bernard (1922), Brian Downey (Hobo With A Shotgun)


Drama, Family, 4K, Inspirational

RUNTIME: (113 Min)


Paco Arango


Paco Arango, Enrique Posner, Alexa Velez, Michael Volpe

YEAR: 2018


4K/ HD & 5.1




Photos / Additional Key Art

Long Synopsis

Alec’s (Oliver Jackson-Cohen, The Raven) life is falling apart when his uncle Raymond (Jonathan Pryce, Game of Thrones) arrives with a proposition: his debts will be paid if Alec moves to their family’s home in va Scotia for a year. On arrival, he befriends a veterinarian Cecilia (Camilla Luddington, Grey’s Anatomy), who helps him place as ad as a repairman, calling himself “The Healer.” The townspeople flock to him believing he can treat their ailments. Alec doesn’t believe them until a priest, Father Malloy (Jorge Garcia, Lost) suffers a heart attack and comes back to life in his presence. Raymond explains that Alec possesses the family gift of healing. Alec rejects this idea, however the arrival of Abigail (Kaitlyn Bernard, 1922), a teenage girl with terminal cancer provides him with a chance to find that his life’s purpose is to help others.