Necessary Evil


A young investigative reporter finds herself entangled in a supernatural web of intrigue while attempting to uncover the truth behind a Psychiatric Institute that is really an incubator for government drug testing. But what she doesn’t know is that the evil she is trying to stop is within her.


Lance Henriksen (When a Stranger Calls, AVP: Alien vs. Predator), Danny Trejo (Halloween, Spy Kids), Kathryn Fiore (Mission:Impossible 3), Gary Hudson (Resident Evil), Richard Riehle (Office Space), Eric Feldman


Thriller, Sci-Fi, Creature



Peter J. Eaton


Eric Feldman, Nick Plantico

YEAR: 2008

RELEASE DATE: 01/01/2008






Long Synopsis

In a twisting catacomb beneath the desert sands, a team of mercenaries led by Capt. Frank Sanders (GARY HUDSON - Resident Evil: Extinction) has released an ancient evil creature that has been entombed for centuries. Now captured, the creature is taken by Dr. Neil Fibrian (LANCE HENRIKSEN - When a Stranger Calls, Aliens, Aliens Vs Predator), a scientist obsessed with fusing the genetic DNA of this entity with that of humans, creating a new strain of man. His drug REFICUL, under the guise of a maternity pill, will soon bring about a hybrid race, powerful and immortal, and in turn end life on Earth as we know it. Unless someone stops him. Enter journalist Deborah Fielding (KATHRYN FIORE - Mission Impossible III). In the idyllic town of Bishop, California, she has unearthed shocking information about the FDA and its drug policies. But it’s not until she receives an unmarked package in the mail that she learns things are far worse than they seem. Edgewater Hospital, a psychiatric military institution holds a dark, nefarious secret… one that somehow is tied to her, to the town, to everyone and everything around her. She has to get to Edgewater, and the mysterious Dr. Fibrian who runs it, to unlock the truth. Everyone is now against her. Her doctor, landlord, even the Chief of Police seem to watch her every move, ready to stop her at every turn. Her only allie is Detective Alex Russo (ERIC FELDMAN), whose own search for a long missing little girl, and the father he lost long ago, has lead him to the dark steps of Edgewater, as well. Together the two will have to fight through the web of lies and deceit, Russo from the outside and Deborah from within, to pull back the menacing, ever darkening shroud cloaking Edgewater’s walls. But time is running out. Beware. Terror is about to be born…