Silent Force, The


The Silent Force, a drug enforcement agency trained as ultimate fighting machines must stop a powerful Asian crime ring at any cost.


Loren Avedon (King of the Kickboxers), George Cheung (Lethal Weapon 4), Brian Tochi, Karen Kim, Roger Yuan (Shanghai Noon)

RUNTIME: (90 Min)


David H. May


Cynthia Ahearn, Ron Singer

YEAR: 2000

RELEASE DATE: 01/01/2000






Long Synopsis

Devoted to ending the illegal Asian heroin trade, the Silent Force is an ultra-secret branch of the U.S. Government's Drug Enforcement Agency whose training and experience make them ultimate fighting machines. Unknown and untouchable, they strike with blinding professionalism and deadly accuracy. There is only one problem: Hue Gung Poa. Poa is the leader of a ring of international drug dealers who has made it his life's mission to completely eliminate the Silent Force. Leading a brutal crusade he is finally able to wipe out the entire unit... that is, except for Agent Frank Stevens. Filled with a thirst for revenge, Stevens will stop at nothing to bring down the Poa Empire. His only help and anchor of security is Natalie Woo, a beautiful undercover agent who has infiltrated Poa's organization. Together they must stay alive long enough to extract the justice they demand, avoid the backlash of their own government, and emerge on top with their sanity intact. Hunter becomes the hunted in this action adventure.