Breaking Legs


A high school freshman moves to a town where there's no place to dance except the school dance team. But when the boyfriend of the team's lead girl falls for her, she'll have to fight to win her place among the popular but venomous girls.


Richard Riehle (Office Space), Chris Kattan (SNL, Night at the Roxbury), William Leon (Attached at the Soul), Lee Meriwether (Barnaby Jones), Liv Southard (Good Enough), and Alexa Sutherland (Sweet/Vicious)


Family, Teen

RUNTIME: (98 Min)


Mark Marchillo

YEAR: 2017




Long Synopsis

When new-to-town freshman Bloom (Liv Southard, Horror Haiku) meets her classmate Harmony (Alexa Southerland, Sweet/Vicious), it’s loathing at first sight. Bloom just wants to dance, but the only place to strut her stuff is the school dance team…captained by none other than the number one mean girl herself. When Harmony’s boyfriend (William Leroy, Grey’s Anatomy) falls for Bloom, what starts out as un-friendly competition quickly becomes an all out war. Bloom’s only shot at her chance to fit into this new school and get on the dance team is to win the Honor Girl top prize. But not even the adults in her life (Chris Kattan, Saturday Night Live) and her new best friend (Sarah Rochelle) can help her, and Harmony won’t concede the competition or her boyfriend without a fight that ends in an unexpected way!