Take 3 Girls


Ala DREAM GIRLS, TAKE 3 GIRLS captures the spirit of London's vibrant but dangerous multi-cultural youth music scene and the ties that hold it together - music, clubbing, hopes and dreams. It's about growing up and the redemptive power of family love.


Caroline Chikeze, Karen David, Soni Razdan

RUNTIME: (90 Min)


Baz Taylor


Meenu Bachan, Vibha Bhatnagar, Phil Blackburn

YEAR: 2006

RELEASE DATE: 01/01/2006






Long Synopsis

Patsy (Charlie Brooks from 'EastEnders'), Spot and Lyla are three teenage girls who are obsessed with the music scene, and would do anything to make it big. One night Patsy and Spot sneak into an empty warehouse and put on an illegal rave. The police break it up and report the incident to the warehouse owner, Mo, who chooses not to press charges against the girls. They've given him an idea! Mo has been enjoying a weathy lifestyle, and is hiding a secret from everyone, including his wife: bankruptcy and imminent financial collapse. To make matters worse, Mo and his wife have never fully recovered from the death of their twelve year-old daughter. Now, Mo sees the glimmer of an unlikely way out of the urban ghetto, when he hatches a plan to convert his empty warehouse into London's hippest new venue, with the girls as the main attraction. And for the girls, Mo becomes their hero as he pools his last few resources and invests in their extraordinary, but raw singing, DJ and rap talents. If the plan works, Mo will be saved financially and the girls will be catapulted from the dark world of the streets, to musical stardom. If it fails, the dreams of all five of them die with it. The girls are the same age Mo's daughter would have been. As the film progresses, an unlikely new extended family forms; Mo and Romila help the girls grow up. In turn, their grief is healed. The five central characters provide each other with the support each needs to escape a past of denial, violence and life on the edge. Unfortunately, the past proves hard to shake off. But together they remain determined and fight for what they believe they can accomplish against all odds. Take 3 Girls draws on the energy of the rap and clubbing culture, and adds to the mix an injection of girl power.