Satan's School of Lust
Young, naive Primula is sent to the all-girl Diablo School. The school's walls hide many kinky secrets that reveal themselves to her.
STARRING: Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, Barbara Joyce
DIRECTED BY: Terry M. West
PRODUCED BY: Terry M. West
GENRE(S): Erotic, Horror
RUNTIME: (65 Min), YEAR: 2002
Living Doll
Howard has a secret - he is in love with Christine. There's only one problem, Christine is DEAD! A grave was no place for Christine, the only place for her was at Howard's side.
STARRING: Eartha Kitt (The Emperor’s New Groove), Gary Martin, Ted Maynard (xXx, Superman Returns, Spy Game)
DIRECTED BY: George Dugdale, Peter Litten
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Frank Green
RUNTIME: (95 Min), YEAR: 1990
Computer Strikes Back
A famous music producer has a high tech apartment where everything is controlled by a super computer called S.E.X.Y. He brings his female conquests back to the “love pad” to audition them. Unfortunately for him, the computer has developed a mind of its own. A jealous female mind. And it plans to destroy its love rivals one by one. A gory and wildly over the top horror thriller.
STARRING: Peter Gordeno, Susie Silvey
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1988
Ninja Over the Great Wall
The film pits Bruce Le against the dreaded Japanese Samurai. Helping Le are the legendary disciples of Shaolin Temple. Ninja Over the Great Wall is one of the first films from Hong Kong allowed to film at the actual Shaolin site, and it uses many of the cast who helped elevate Jet Li to superstardom.
STARRING: Bruce Le (Challenge of the Tiger, Super Hero), Di Lung, Lily Young, Shi Kamura
DIRECTED BY: Bruce Lee, Kim Hui Lim
RUNTIME: (82 Min), YEAR: 1987
Slaughter High
A group of popular students play a cruel prank on a shy nerd resulting in a terrible accident. Years later a reunion is held where each of the students faces a mystery killer who may be the same nerd out for revenge.
STARRING: Caroline Munro (The Spy Who Loved Me), Gary Martin
DIRECTED BY: George Dugdale, Mark Ezra
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Stephen Minasian
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1986
Don't Open Till Christmas
A murderer is running loose through the streets of London, hunting down men dressed as Santa and killing them all in different, and extremely violent, fashions. Inspector Harris has decided to take on the unenviable task of tracking down the psychopath, but he's going to have his work cut out for him. Only the suspicious reporter, Giles, seems to offer the Inspector any promising leads.
STARRING: Caroline Munro (The Spy Who Loved Me), Edmund Purdom, Alan Lake
DIRECTED BY: Edmund Purdom
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Stephen Minasian
RUNTIME: (86 Min), YEAR: 1984
Shaolin vs. Ninja
In Japanese-occupied China, a group of ruthless ninjas schemes to take control of a Shaolin temple - and all of its riches - by any means necessary. The peaceful Shaolin monks are reluctant to engage the ninjas in combat but are eventually forced to defend themselves.
STARRING: Alexander Rei Lo, William Yen, Alan Chung San Chui, Chi Ping Chang, Shun Chien.
YEAR: 1983
Drunken Fighter
After a young man’s family is killed, he wants revenge and seeks training at Shaolin Temple where, he studies kung-fu techniques, including the notorious “drunken” style. Three young martial arts students and their teacher are beaten up badly by a wandering man who proclaims himself ''a corrector of bad kung-fu.'' Determined to avenge their teacher and regain their honor, the three students all go their separate ways to find kung-fu masters who will take them as students.
STARRING: Chiu-sing Hau, Kuang Hsiung, Austin Wai
YEAR: 1983
Shaolin Drunk Fighter
A man who survives and attack on himself and his family hides in a Shaolin monastery where he is instructed by the priests and acquires the skill needed to exact his revenge.
STARRING: Chiu-Sing Hau, Lau Chan, Cheng Chiang, Hung Yi Liu, Bing-Chuen Cheung.
DIRECTED BY: Wu-Hyeong Choi
YEAR: 1983
Dirty Seven, The
Laura Gemser (Black Emmanuele) stars as a woman taking revenge for her sister who was raped and murdered by a group of militant assassins. She uses her body to turn the men against each other.
STARRING: Angelo Infanti, Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti Directed by: Bruno Fontana Produced by: Dick Randall, Diogenis Herodotou Executive Producer: Ferdinando Caputo Written by: Bruno Fontana
DIRECTED BY: Bruno Fontana
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall
RUNTIME: (94 Min), YEAR: 1982
Needles of Death
Kung-fu craziness abounds in this martial arts outing when needles are used as effective projectiles shot from the wristbands of opponents
YEAR: 1982
Young co-eds are being cut up by a chainsaw killer on a college campus. The killer is attempting to put together a human jigsaw puzzle made from body parts.
STARRING: Lynda Day George (Roots), Christopher George (The Gates of Hell), Paul Smith, Edmund Purdom
DIRECTED BY: Juan Piquer Simon
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Steve Minasian
RUNTIME: (89 Min), YEAR: 1982
Ninja Strikes Back, The
Bruce is out to destroy the mob, avenge his fathers death & take back his sister and the ambassador's daughter. Ending in a final hand to hand showdown in the famous Coliseum in Rome.
STARRING: Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport), Harold Sakata (Goldfinger), Bruce Le (Challenge of the Tiger), Casanova Wong
DIRECTED BY: Andre Koob, Bruce Lee
PRODUCED BY: Andre Koob, Dick Randall, Jean-Marie Pallardy
RUNTIME: (81 Min), YEAR: 1982
Kampuchea Express
An American journalist returns to Cambodia to bring out the girlfriend he was forced to leave behind when the murderous Khmer Rouge took over the country. A moving and dramatic story filmed in the Killing Fields of Cambodia.
STARRING: Christopher George, Woody Strode, Robert Walker Jr (Easy Rider), Nancy Kwan (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story)
DIRECTED BY: Lek Kitaparaporn
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Lek Kitaparaporn
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1982
Jackie Vs Bruce to the Rescue (AKA Fist of Death)
Two rival martial schools fight for posession of a secret document. Wild kung fu style action.
STARRING: Tong Lung (Game of Death, Game of Death II), Jackie Chang
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1982
Invaders of the Lost Gold
Japanese soldiers transporting a treasure in the jungle are captured by a cannibal tribe a cannibal tribe & killed. 36 years later an expedition to find the gold ends up in a battle against the elements.
STARRING: Laura Gemser, Stuart Whitman, Woody Strode (Spartacus), Harold Sakata (Goldfinger), Glynis Barber, Edmund Purdom
DIRECTED BY: Alan Birkinshaw
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1982
True Game of Death, The
This movie creates a fictional story around Bruce Lee's death. In it a villain known as "Big Boss" drugs Bruce Lee in order to destroy his production company and force him to work for him. But the drug accidentally kills Bruce and so a double is hired to pose as him. When Bruce's girlfriend discovers the double, the real Bruce's spirit takes him over to help him defeat the villain.
STARRING: Bruce Lee (archive footage) (Enter the Dragon, Return of the Dragon), Bruce Le (Challenge of the Tiger, Super Hero)
DIRECTED BY: Steve Chen Tien-Tai
PRODUCED BY: Cheung Tien Wai
RUNTIME: (81 Min), YEAR: 1981
For Your Height Only
Mr. Giant is planning to use the N-bomb, to hold the world hostage. The one who can foil Mr. Giant's evil scheme is Agent 00.
STARRING: Weng Weng, Anna Marie Gutierrez, Carmi Martin
DIRECTED BY: Eddie Nicart
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Peter M. Caballes
RUNTIME: (88 Min), YEAR: 1981
When their family members go missing, a pair of doctors begin searching for them, only to discover that they've become prey for a giant reptile with a bit of an appetite with a bit of an appetite.
STARRING: Kirk Warren, Nat Puvanai
DIRECTED BY: Sompote Sands
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Robert Chan
RUNTIME: (92 Min), YEAR: 1981
Chinese Stuntman
A kung-fu expert turned movie stuntman learns that his film's producers are trying to kill him to cash in on his insurance policy.
STARRING: Bruce Le (Challenge of the Tiger, Super Hero), Dan Inosanto (Big Trouble in Little China), Yun Wen Chang
RUNTIME: (85 Min), YEAR: 1981
Master Strikes, The
Casanova Wong plays Tseng, a young tuff hired by a local wealthy man to escort an extremely valuable jade statuette. He gives the job his all in hopes that it’ll make it to its destination, the hands of a man named Liang, safe and sound, but sadly, he’s outsmarted and a gang of thieves make off with the goods. Tseng agrees to sell all his worldly goods to make up for the loss and save his honor. When two no-good shysters find out about Tseng’s connection to the treasure, they pretend to help him get it back under the guise of a pair of good Samaritans. It doesn’t take him too long to figure out just what they’re up to, and the result is a riot of deadly kung fu action.
STARRING: Shi-Kwan Yen, Casanova Wong, Eddie Ko
PRODUCED BY: Vendee Park
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1980
Enter the Game of Death
It’s approaching World War 2 and China is suspecting invasion from Germany and Japan. Mr. Ang (Bruce Le) is hired by a Chinese group who are after a "secret document". Many other groups want to get their hands on it as well. It's on the top floor of a tower and Ang must fight his way to the top.
STARRING: Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport), Bruce Le (Challenge of the Tiger, Super Hero), Steve James (All My Children, To Live and Die in LA)
DIRECTED BY: Joseph Velasco, Kuo-Hsiang Lin
PRODUCED BY: Robert Jeffrey
RUNTIME: (87 Min), YEAR: 1980
Challenge of the Tiger
An international plot to take over the world’s resources is foiled by a martial arts expert (Bruce Le) and his American playboy associate (Richard Harrison). A wild martial arts adventure with many erotic scenes.
STARRING: Bolo Yeung ( Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport), Bruce Le (Challenge of the Tiger, Super Hero), Richard Harrison (Master of the World), Nadiuska (Conan the Barbarian), Brad Harris (Hercules, King of Kong Island) Directed by: Bruce Le and Luigi Batzella Produced by: Bruce Le and Dick Randall Written by: Bruce Le and Poon Fan
DIRECTED BY: Bruce Lee, Luigi Batzella
PRODUCED BY: Bruce Lee, Dick Randall
RUNTIME: (86 Min), YEAR: 1980
Bruce The King of Kung Fu
Bruce Le and Bolo Yeung (Enter The Dragon) star in this exciting chronicle of Bruce Lee's early years. See the legend in action as he battles rival kung fu schools and fights a powerful snake fist master, in order to obtain his dream of becoming the best of the best.
STARRING: Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport), Bruce Le (Challenge of the Tiger, Super Hero), Jang Lee Hwang, David Chow, Fei Lung Directed by: Bruce Le Produced by: Dick Randall and Wayne Yee
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Wayne Yee
YEAR: 1980
Bruce Against Snake in the Eagle's Shadow
An Ambitious Jackie Chan is taken in by kung-fu master Sam the Seed who turns him into a fighting machine for the showdown between Jackie vs. Bolo.
STARRING: Jackie Chan (Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, Shanghai Noon), Hsiao-Tien Yuan, Cheng-Li Huang, Bolo Yeung
DIRECTED BY: Woo-Ping Yuen
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1980
King Frat
Set on the quiet campus of Yellowstream University, this comedy follows the rivalries that build between two of the college's fraternities. When they're not mooning everyone they pass and throwing garbage on the lawns of rival frats, the members of the Pi Kappa Delta fraternity are mainly interested in drinking and... well, drinking. When a campus- wide farting contest is announced, Grossout, the leader of the Deltas, is all too eager to stand up, bend over and defend the honor of his fraternity.
STARRING: Robert Small (Transporter 2, Flight of the Navigator), John DiSanti (Running Scared), T.J. Tully (The Mothman Prophecies)
DIRECTED BY: Ken Wiederhorn
PRODUCED BY: Jack McGowan, Reuben Trane
RUNTIME: (82 Min), YEAR: 1979
Dragon on Fire
When two acrobats are fired for fighting with punks in the audience, they go to live with an aunt who's being pressured to sell her house for a real estate development. The developer's nasty son, is soon at war with the acrobats.
STARRING: Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport), Dragon Lee (Secret Ninja), Jang Lee Hwang
DIRECTED BY: Joseph Kong
PRODUCED BY: Joseph Lai, Tomas Tang
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1979
Bruce The Super Hero
Two ruthless gangs collide in a desperate race to find the sacred "sword of the samurai" and discover the secret to a fortune in gold bullion.
STARRING: Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport), Bruce Le (Challenge of the Tiger), Lito Lapid Directed by: Bruce Le Produced by: Bruce Le and Dick Randall Written by: Fan Poon
PRODUCED BY: Bruce Lee, Dick Randall
RUNTIME: (88 Min), YEAR: 1979
Dragon Bruce Lee 2: Dragon Fights Again
Dragon Lee has a list of Chinese activists that the dastardly Japanese invaders really want to get their hands on. Bolo Yeung plays the Japanese agent who’s going to take down Lee to get the info he needs. While running from the Japanese, Lee he gets wounded and has to hide out at his uncle’s place. Along the way he falls in love with a cute girl.
STARRING: Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport), Dragon Lee (Secret Ninja)
RUNTIME: (86 Min), YEAR: 1978
Death Dimension
The Pig has a plan to eradicate some people with a freeze bomb that instantly freezes people to death, and it is up to Detective Ash to stop him.
STARRING: Jim Kelly (Enter the Dragon), George Lazenby (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), Terry Moore (Mighty Joe Young), Aldo Ray (The Green Berets), Harold Sakata (Goldfinger), Bob Minor (Glory) Director: Al Adamson Produced by: Dick Randall and Harry Hope Written by: Harry Hope
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Harry Hope
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1978
Clones of Bruce Lee
After the death of Bruce Lee, three clones are made using his body parts and sent out to battle crime.
STARRING: Bruce Lee, Dragon Lee, Yi Tao Chang, Bruce Thai
DIRECTED BY: Joseph Velasco
PRODUCED BY: Chang Tsung Lung, Dick Randall
YEAR: 1977
Way of the Tiger
An international plot to take over the world's resources is foiled by a martial arts expert (Bruce Le) and his American playboy associate (Richard Harrison). A wild martial arts adventure with many erotic scenes.
STARRING: Bolo Yeung, Bruce Lee
YEAR: 1976
Bruce Lee, We Miss You
A martial arts teacher crushed by the death of Bruce Lee investigates the circumstances of his master's death only to find that that Lee was the victim of foul play.
STARRING: Bruce Le, Hui Ouyang, Fei Lung
DIRECTED BY: Kuan-Chang Li
RUNTIME: (96 Min), YEAR: 1976
Legend of Bruce Lee
Bruce is a student in the style of Chinese boxing, but when his skills are not enough to fend off a rival kung fu gang, his father has him go to a man named Master Yen, who teaches him Wing Chun fist. While continuing his training, Bruce and his team confront a bunch of street youths in a rumble and beat them all to a pulp. Apparently, the Master of the youths isn't too happy about some street punk beating his star pupils, so he sends his younger brother and a couple of other students to prepare a trap for Bruce and the Liu City Gang. Bruce goes back to Macau where he asks the She Quan (Snake Style) Fist master to teach him style of combat. This master teaches Bruce the deadly art of the 3 Cobras and after utilizing and combining the technique with that of Drunken Styles, Bruce is ready to even the score, which he does with deadly kung fu accuracy.
STARRING: Bruce Le (Challenge of the Tiger, Super Hero)
RUNTIME: (85 Min), YEAR: 1976
Bruce's Deadly Fingers
After the murder of his mother and kidnapping of his sister, Bruce Wong studies the finger technique and prepares to take out the men who committed the acts.
STARRING: Bruce Lee (archive footage)(Enter the Dragon, Return of the Dragon), Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport), Bruce Le (Challenge of the Tiger, Super Hero), Rose Marie, Nora Miao, Lo Lieh Directed by: Joseph Kong Produced by: Lui En Zai Written by: Joseph Velasco
DIRECTED BY: Joseph Kong
RUNTIME: (90 min), YEAR: 1976
Golden Triangle, The
A fast-paced action movie about two cops (one a former alcoholic) who go undercover to bust a drug syndicate operating in the 'Golden Triangle' of Southeast Asia. Lots of fights, shoot outs and exotic action.
STARRING: Chang Lee Shoji Kurata, Evaneline Pascal, Eddi Garcia, Loke
YEAR: 1975
School of Death (AKA Colegio De La Muerte)
Set in Victorian era London, this macabre tale involves young girls from an orphanage being sold by the sadistic matron to a badly disfigured doctor to be used in experimental brain surgeries.
STARRING: Dean Selmier, Sandra Mozarosky, Angel Menendez, Victoria Vera
DIRECTED BY: Pedro Luis Ramirez
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1975
Erotic Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked on an island full of buxom amazons. Goofy sexploitation comedy with plenty of nudity – and a gorilla!
STARRING: Lina Romay, Lawrence P. Casey, Malisa Longo
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Sheldon Silverstein
RUNTIME: (102 Min), YEAR: 1975
Confessions of a Lesbos Honey
After the death of her wealthy father, Marina learns that her entire fortune is lost. Pavlos is an old family friend who offers to help. He is in love with Marina but she rejects him for the sake of Eli (the beautiful Tina Spathi- Greek sex Queen), the secretary of her father. When Eli leaves her, she reaches for Pavlos. Eli decides that she cannot live without Marina and calls her to come and visit her. That's when Eli gets killed in a car accident
STARRING: Tina Spathi, Telis Stallone
DIRECTED BY: Ilias Mylonakos
PRODUCED BY: Vyron Kournouniotis
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1975
Notorious Bandit, The
The violent tale of an undercover agent’s mission to topple a Chinese opium ring that is headed by a ruthless kingpin.
STARRING: Hung Lieh Chen, Bo Lin Chu, Isamu Hashimoto
PRODUCED BY: Shao Ching Tien
RUNTIME: (92 Min), YEAR: 1974
Chinese Dragon
Upon release from prison for murder, a man has to decide whether to help his father stand up to local crime gangs who are trying to force him out of his home or to stay out of trouble.
YEAR: 1973
Young Bruce Lee
After defeat in a match, the young Bruce learns a style called “The Three Cobras” and puts it to good use when his friend is murdered.
STARRING: Bruce Lee (archive footage) (Enter the Dragon, Return of the Dragon), Bruce Li (archive footage) (Fists of Bruce Lee, Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger), Dragon Lee (archive footage) (Secret Ninja) Directors: Jim Mmarkovic and Larry Dolgin Producers: Dick Randall and Serafim Karalexis Writers: Dick Randall and Larry Dolgin
DIRECTED BY: Jim Markovic, Larry Dolgin
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Serafim Karalexis
RUNTIME: (93 Min), YEAR: 1973
Poseidon Explosion, The
The Story of a beached ship with 4,000 tons of fertilizer & fuel oil. The ship is on fire & if the temperature reaches 3000 degrees, a whole city will be wiped out. The story was inspired by real events.
STARRING: Gheorghe Dinica, Florin Piersic
DIRECTED BY: Mircea Dragan
PRODUCED BY: Stephen Minasian
RUNTIME: (112 Min), YEAR: 1973
Oil (AKA The Billion Dollar Fire)
In a world reliant on fuel and machinery, oil fields mean wealth and fortune and the competition is fierce. Several oil wells in Abu Lambat have caught fire and rival groups of fire-fighters are sent in to control the flames. They end up battling more than just the blaze as the fire rages out of control.
STARRING: Ray Milland (Dial M for Murder, Love Story), Stuart Whitman, Woody Strode, Gheorghe Dinica, Gordon Mitchell, Paola Senatore
DIRECTED BY: Mircea Dragan
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Mircea Mohor
RUNTIME: (95 Min), YEAR: 1973
Kung Fu on the Bosphorus
The film takes place in Turkey and is about a Hong Kong detective (Lau Kar Wing) who is sent to Istanbul to track down an antique smuggler. There he teams up with a local cop to catch the wanted man.
STARRING: Bolo Yeung, Cuneyt Arkin, Lau Kar Wing, Helen Poon
DIRECTED BY: Victor Lamp
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1973
Killer in the Dark
A martial arts expert is on the trail of a psycho killer in Hong Kong. They must stop the mysterious killer before he takes his next victim.
STARRING: Bolo Yeung, Fang Yeh, Pai Lot, Yang Sze, Chai Sing, Hui Shan
DIRECTED BY: Pecnai Naolod, Tung-min Chen
PRODUCED BY: Chan Tung-Man, Chan Yick-Ming
YEAR: 1973
Girl in Room 2A, The
A sadistic killing cult kidnaps and sacrifices beautiful women. A young girl, just paroled from prison, moves into a strange house and appears to be the cult's next victim.
STARRING: Daniela Giordano (Four Times That Night), Karin Schubert (Black Emanuelle), Angelo Infanti (The Godfather), Raf Vallone (The Godfather pt III, El Cid, The Italian Job), Brad Harris (Hercules, King of Kong Island), Rosalba Neri (Lady Frankenstein)
DIRECTED BY: William Rose
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, William Rose
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1973
French Sex Murders
Someone is killing hookers in Madame Colette’s exclusive Paris bordello. The local police arrive to sort things out – but the killings only get worse.
STARRING: Anita Ekberg (La Dolce Vita, War & Peace), Barbara Bouchet (Gangs of New York, Casino Royale), Gordon Mitchell, Howard Vernon (Alphaville, What’s New Pussycat?)
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Marius Mattei
RUNTIME: (83 Min), YEAR: 1972
Jackie Chan Master with Cracked Fingers
Young Jackie was intrigued by Kung Fu since an early age, but his father strictly forbade its practice. One day, he meets an old beggar who offers to teach Jackie how to fight. Jackie grows up to be quite good though he keeps his knowledge a secret until he is forced to fight by an extortion ring.
STARRING: Jackie Chan (Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, Shanghai Noon), Hsao Ten Juan
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Lee Long Chan
RUNTIME: (80 Min), YEAR: 1971
Invincible Super Chan (AKA Invincible Boxer)
In the Ming Dynasty, all of China feared one man, an invincible fighter whose presence always spelt death. Countless limbs are severed in the most militant style. It’s a fight to the death in one of the most violent films of all time! A kung fu cult classic.
STARRING: Yun Wen Chang, Hui Mei Chen, Yang Yang
PRODUCED BY: Chien Tse, Chin Hua Lin
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1971
Jayne Mansfield, The Wild Wild World of
Jayne takes us on an erotic review of her last world tour through Rome, Cannes, Isle of Levant, New York, Los Angeles and more.
STARRING: Jayne Mansfield, Robert Jason, Fernand Aubrey
DIRECTED BY: Arthur Knight, Charles W. Broun Jr., Joel Holt
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall
RUNTIME: (99 Min), YEAR: 1968
King of Kong Island
A group of mad scientist travel to Kong Island where they implant receptors into the brains of gorillas, planning to create a gorilla war for world domination.
STARRING: Marc Lawrence (From Dusk Till Dawn, The Man With the Golden Gun), Brad Harris (Hercules)
DIRECTED BY: Robert Morris
PRODUCED BY: Ralph Zucker, Walter Brandi
RUNTIME: (92 Min), YEAR: 1968
Phantom of the Opera, The (Lon Chaney)
The 1990 Colorized version of classic film starring Hollywood horror film legend Lon Chaney. With a special introduction by Christopher Lee!
STARRING: Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, Norman Kerry
DIRECTED BY: Rupert Julian
PRODUCED BY: Carl Laemmle
RUNTIME: (95 Min), YEAR: 1925
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