Sacred Flesh
Torn between her vows of chastity, her fears of eternal damnation and her sexual desire a medieval nun struggles with her sanity. Bordering on madness she seeks solace in imagined dialogues with the liberating figure of Magdalen and a disturbing 'death nun' who equates sex with evil. In between these discussions the nuns mind is filled with dark, brooding and violent sexual fantasies which push her to the very edge of an orgasmic self destruction.
DIRECTED BY: Nigel Wingrove
PRODUCED BY: Louise Ross
GENRE(S): Drama, Horror
RUNTIME: (73 Mins), YEAR: 2000
Countess X, The
A group of French aristocrats and their rich friends gather for a party in a large chateau surrounded by a woods. They are watched by a young jewel thief who dresses up and arrives at the party announcing that she is the infamous 'Countess X', famous for dancing nude. She spikes the champagne with an aphrodisiac and the party turns into an orgy enabling the 'Countess' to steal the guests jewels.
DIRECTED BY: Jean Rollin
GENRE(S): Drama, Erotic
YEAR: 1976
Revelations of a Psychiatrist In a World of Perverse Sex
Mondo-style film in which a psychiatrist explains to his students several stories of sexual deviancy. Each vignette begins with the doctor citing a fact-based newspaper/magazine story of abhorrent sexual behavior.
DIRECTED BY: Renato Polselli
GENRE(S): Drama
RUNTIME: (88 Mins), YEAR: 1973
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