Lovesick: Sick Love
O'Ryan loves Julia. Julia loves Istvan. Istvan loves Julia. Julia falls in love with O'Ryan. Julia falls out of love and ends up hating O'Ryan. O'Ryan hates Istvan. Istvan hates O'Ryan. O'Ryan hates his mother. His mother hates everyone!
DIRECTED BY: Wolfgang Büld
PRODUCED BY: Nick P. Coe, Wolfgang Büld
GENRE(S): Comedy, Horror, Thriller
RUNTIME: (90 Mins), YEAR: 2004
Penetration Angst
Helen has a sexually debilitating problem, her vagina eats any man that penetrates her! After being raped in her boyfriend’s car Helen begins to realize that her vagina is feeding on men. Helen's appetite for male flesh becomes insatiable and she becomes a prostitute, with even more disastrous results. She then falls in love... Outrageous, shocking and darkly funny.
DIRECTED BY: Wolfgang Büld
GENRE(S): Comedy, Horror
RUNTIME: (102 Mins), YEAR: 2003
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