Sins of Deacon Wyles
At Heartland Baptist Church, sparks begin to fly when the young and handsome, Deacon Whyles, becomes the focus of admiration between two dueling sisters.
STARRING: Jackée Harry, Austen Jaye, Don Wilson, Dominique Mitchell, Patrick Wise and Elysia Monet
DIRECTED BY: Brendan Connor
GENRE(S): Urban
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2013
Pastor and Mrs. Jones, The
On the eve of his wedding day, Pastor Jones' soon to be wife develops cold feet when secrets are revealed, and he must reassure her of his affection.  Meanwhile the church deacons are concerned about lackluster sermons and the negative impact it is having on church tithes and donations. 
STARRING: Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill, Independence Day), Jean-Claude La Marre (Malcolm X), Ernest Thomas (Funny People, Malcolm X)
DIRECTED BY: Jean Claude La Marre
GENRE(S): Urban, Inspirational
RUNTIME: 90 Min, YEAR: 2013
A Measure of Faith
The story follows a family that comes together after the death of their grandmother and matriarch. A testament is left behind revealing many secrets she took to the grave. Cousins are really brothers. Husbands and wives are betrayed. Can God bring this family back together?
GENRE(S): Urban, Inspirational
RUNTIME: 85 Min, YEAR: 2011
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