No Ordinary Trifle
After a poor review from a critic, and a chat from chef Gordon Ramsay, a talented but grief stricken London chef turns a country pub into a gourmet eatery. His dessert trifle catches the eye – and taste – of Kate, and they soon discover that the recipe for true happiness is a pinch of teamwork and a whole lot of love.
STARRING: Dougray Scott (Mission Impossible 2, Desperate Housewives), Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black), Gordon Ramsay (Hell's Kitchen)
DIRECTED BY: James Hacking
PRODUCED BY: James Hacking, J. Alan Davis, Simone Ling, Nicholas Napier-Bell, Duncan Napier Bell
GENRE(S): Romantic Drama, Romantic Comedy
RUNTIME: (100 Min)
YEAR: 2011
No Ordinary Trifle
Rob Haley (Dougray Scott, Desperate Housewives), a talented chef and restauranteur in London, is grief stricken after losing his wife in an auto accident. Then one bad review from a food critic, and the customers of his once -thriving restaurant start to dry up. But a chat with his old friend and world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay (Himself, Hells' Kitchen), inspires Rob to take control and reclaim the life he once had.

Rob, his daughter and his loyal staff are now determined to turn a run-down countryside pub into a local gourmet eatery. On opening day, Kate Templeton (Claire Forlani, Meet Joe Black), an American food critic with a troubled love life, enters the pub. The last thing Rob needs is an uppity critic with a bad taste for men. Attitudes clash until finally Rob's charm and magical dessert trifle wins over her taste buds - and her heart.

But not all the locals are happy with the fame and the traffic the up-and-coming restaurant brings to their neighborhood, and a few try to have it closed down for good. With the help of Kate, the pub receives a visit from the world famous food critic Guy Witherspoon (Simon Callow), Rob disges up an incredible meal and his signature dessert. They receive a fantastic review, and Rob and Kate both discover that the recipe for true happiness is a pinch of teamwork and a whole lot of love.
No Ordinary Trifle


Jun 14, 2011
Greg Wright - Past the Popcorn
A breezy, light-hearted romance...a tasty little cinematic treat.
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Mike Smith - Hollywood Jesus
This is the kind of film I prefer, something almost anyone can sit down and enjoy. The dialogue is clever and engaging.
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Jun 19, 2011
- Mirror UK
A nicely staged British rom-com, which features a brief cameo from Gordon Ramsay. An unpretentious film with a fine cast.
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