Satan's School of Lust
Young, naive Primula is sent to the all-girl Diablo School. The school's walls hide many kinky secrets that reveal themselves to her.
STARRING: Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, Barbara Joyce
DIRECTED BY: Terry M. West
PRODUCED BY: Terry M. West
WRITTEN BY: John Bacchus, Terry M. West
GENRE(S): Erotic, Horror
RUNTIME: (65 Min)
YEAR: 2002
Satan's School of Lust
Young, beautiful and naïve Primula Cooper (Misty Mundae) is sent to a secluded female-only private school while her father travels overseas. Diablo School For Girls is an ominous and isolated building that hides its many dark and kinky secrets from the outside world. Upon her arrival, Primula is greeted by Miss Beezle (Barbara Joyce) - the domineering headmistress of Diablo who has a sinister taste for the bodies and souls of blossoming young women - as well as Phoenix (Ruby LaRocca), a student hellion and over-sexed goth girl who becomes Primula's all-too-willing roommate. As Primula tries to settle into her strange new environment, she begins having dreams of a devilish figure (Darian Caine) that can satisfy her deepest and hottest desires!
Satan's School of Lust
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Master Format: SD

Color, Video, 1.33:1
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