Young Bruce Lee
After defeat in a match, the young Bruce learns a style called “The Three Cobras” and puts it to good use when his friend is murdered.
STARRING: Bruce Lee (archive footage) (Enter the Dragon, Return of the Dragon), Bruce Li (archive footage) (Fists of Bruce Lee, Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger), Dragon Lee (archive footage) (Secret Ninja) Directors: Jim Mmarkovic and Larry Dolgin Producers: Dick Randall and Serafim Karalexis Writers: Dick Randall and Larry Dolgin
DIRECTED BY: Jim Markovic, Larry Dolgin
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Serafim Karalexis
WRITTEN BY: Dick Randall, Larry Dolgin
RUNTIME: (93 Min)
YEAR: 1973
Young Bruce Lee
Young Bruce Lee
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Dubbed Versions: English

Black And White, Color, Mono, 35mm
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