Blind Revenge
A famous eccentric author, blinded in a horrific accident, hires a female assistant to help him write his final opus, only to discover she has another agenda. As the story unfolds, her secret is revealed and both of their pasts, could cost them their future.
STARRING: Daryl Hannah (Splash, Wall Street, Kill Bill I & II), Tom Conti (Shirley Valentine, Out of Control)
PRODUCED BY: Nick Napier-Bell, Romain Schroeder, Tom Kinninmont, Tom Reeve
GENRE(S): Thriller
RUNTIME: (84 Min)
YEAR: 2009
Blind Revenge
Blind Revenge is a chilling psychological thriller in which Sir Paul Napier (Tom Conti), a distinguished author and art critic, blinded in an horrific car accident and living a solitary existence in a gothic mansion, advertisers for an assistant to help him with his writing.

He employs the amiable Jane Ryder (Daryl Hannah) to 'be his eyes' as he revisits scenes from his past, and works on what he intends to be his final opus.

Jane appears to be ideal: educated, intelligent, generally unruffled by her reclusive employer's abrupt eccentricities. But, gradually, we come  aware that Jane has another agenda. Incrementally, Sir Paul's familiar surrounding are altered. His housekeeper (Miriam Margolyes) is diverted away, strange things happen around the house and he becomes progressively more dependent on his new assistant.

Jane plays increasingly sadistic games until their relationship breaks down and it becomes clear that Jane intends to kill Sir Paul grasps this too late to save himself, but the plot carries further savage twists before it reaches its conclusion.
Blind Revenge


Jul 12, 2012
Robert Abele - LA Times
Before his death last August, Raoul Ruiz's "The Mysteries of Lisbon" earned just praise as a late masterpiece of epic... His English-language thriller, "Blind Revenge," completed a few years ago, won't necessarily harm the eccentric director's reputation and, in fact, its pockets of weirdness and the familiar Ruiz theme of the inconvenience of the past might draw the curious."
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Jul 11, 2012
John DeFore - The Hollywood Reporter
The Bottom Line Campy psychodrama will disappoint those expecting arthouse fare from Raoul Ruiz.
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