Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure
Jack Morin, Ph.D., the world's leading expert on anal eroticism and sexual health is the host of this frank and factual overview of this exotic, much misunderstood sexual practice. We investigate the myths and misconceptions surrounding this often taboo topic. Discovery includes helpful tips to maximize pleasure, best positions to try and specially designed toys for erotic anal play. Real couples demonstrate in detail the pleasure potential of anal encounters. Couples who wish to leave no territory unexplored will find this program to be an incredible resource.
STARRING: Jack Morin, Ph.D
GENRE(S): Sex Ed
RUNTIME: (60 min)
YEAR: 2003
Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure
This program looks at anal eroticism both for you and to share with your partner.

We hope to dispel many negative ideas surrounding anal pleasure. We’ll address health issues that will allow for safe experimentation with a full range of anal play and intercourse. Learn about the possibilities of expanding eroticism and variety through anal pleasures.

Dr. Jack Morin, America’s leading expert on anal health and pleasure will be joining us. He’ll explain how cultural taboos persist in making anal eroticism an uncomfortable subject for many of us. He’ll explore what makes the physiology of that area of our anatomy so sexy.

You’ll also see explicit scenes of couples demonstrating techniques they find enjoyable, both as self-pleasuring, and as part of sex play with a partner. These couples will share how anal eroticism has enhanced their sex lives.

We hope you’ll learn from their discoveries and discuss them with your partner. You may decide to experiment with some of the many varieties of anal stimulation, play, and intercourse presented here.
Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure
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