Oil (AKA The Billion Dollar Fire)
In a world reliant on fuel and machinery, oil fields mean wealth and fortune and the competition is fierce. Several oil wells in Abu Lambat have caught fire and rival groups of fire-fighters are sent in to control the flames. They end up battling more than just the blaze as the fire rages out of control.
STARRING: Ray Milland (Dial M for Murder, Love Story), Stuart Whitman, Woody Strode, Gheorghe Dinica, Gordon Mitchell, Paola Senatore
DIRECTED BY: Mircea Dragan
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Mircea Mohor
WRITTEN BY: Ioan Grigorescu
RUNTIME: (95 Min)
YEAR: 1973
Oil (AKA The Billion Dollar Fire)
Oil (AKA The Billion Dollar Fire)
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Color, Mono, 35mm
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