Dragon on Fire
When two acrobats are fired for fighting with punks in the audience, they go to live with an aunt who's being pressured to sell her house for a real estate development. The developer's nasty son, is soon at war with the acrobats.
STARRING: Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport), Dragon Lee (Secret Ninja), Jang Lee Hwang
DIRECTED BY: Joseph Kong
PRODUCED BY: Joseph Lai, Tomas Tang
RUNTIME: (90 Min)
YEAR: 1979
Dragon on Fire
Sammy goes into hiding he loses some diamonds that belong to the gang leader Sit. Sammy's friend, Dragon Yung, an expert martial artist, returns from the States to help him. Another friend, also an expert Kung Fu fighter, decides to help Sammy recover the diamonds. Through their investigation, Sammy's friends discover that Sammy was framed! The real thief is thwarted by Sammy's friends. Sit then devises a trap, which ends with a tragice outcome. More is revealed when we discover that all this is being orchestrated by a rival gang-leader in an effort to get Sit's gang & diamonds, which leads t0 an explosive battle. Iron fists & lightning kicks flood this action packed Kung Fu Classic!
Dragon on Fire
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Dubbed Versions: German

Film IN, 1 inch & DBC PAL
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