Bruce Lee, Superdragon; The Dragon Dies Hard
A martial arts teacher crushed by the death of Bruce Lee investigates the circumstances of his master's death only to find that that Lee was the victim of foul play.
STARRING: Bruce Le, Hui Ouyang, Fei Lung
DIRECTED BY: Kuan-Chang Li
RUNTIME: (96 Min)
YEAR: 1976
Bruce Lee, Superdragon; The Dragon Dies Hard
An Avid fan of the martial arts legend Bruce Lee loses direction in life when he hears of his idol's death. After a night of heavy drinking, Bruce Lee comes to his biggest fan in a vision, telling him the unthinkable: that the martial arts legend was the victim of foul play! Now it's up to the young martial arts instructor to expose the truth.
Bruce Lee, Superdragon; The Dragon Dies Hard
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Mono, Color (Technicolor), 2.35 : 1
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