French Sex Murders
Someone is killing hookers in Madame Colette’s exclusive Paris bordello. The local police arrive to sort things out – but the killings only get worse.
STARRING: Anita Ekberg (La Dolce Vita, War & Peace), Barbara Bouchet (Gangs of New York, Casino Royale), Gordon Mitchell, Howard Vernon (Alphaville, What’s New Pussycat?)
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall, Marius Mattei
RUNTIME: (83 Min)
YEAR: 1972
French Sex Murders
This gory sex thriller stars a galaxy of Eurocult acting talent. Anita Ekberg (The Killer Nun); Howard Vernon (Awful Dr Orloff); Rosalba Neri (Lady Frankenstien)... Not to mention hunky Gordon Mitchell, sexy Barbara Bouchet and glamorous Evelyn Kraft. Oh - and professional Humphery Bogart lookalike Robert Sacchi! To match its sparkling cast, the film boasts a suitably wild plot. It features hooded killers, mad scientists, an eyeball theif and some of the sleaziest murders seen in a long time. Set in and around a Paris brothel, the action is as hot and steamy as you could wish for. Never previously available on DVD, this wild and whacky cult favorite includes startling gore effects created by future Oscar winner Carlo Rambaldi of ET fame.
French Sex Murders
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Master Format: HD

Color, Mono, 35mm,Spherical, 1.66:1
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