Emanuelle, Queen of the Desert
Laura Gemser (Black Emmanuele) stars as a woman taking revenge for her sister who was raped and murdered by a group of militant assassins. She uses her body to turn the men against each other.
STARRING: Angelo Infanti, Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti Directed by: Bruno Fontana Produced by: Dick Randall, Diogenis Herodotou Executive Producer: Ferdinando Caputo Written by: Bruno Fontana
DIRECTED BY: Bruno Fontana
PRODUCED BY: Dick Randall
WRITTEN BY: Bruno Fontana
RUNTIME: (94 Min)
YEAR: 1982
Emanuelle, Queen of the Desert
Seven commandos are about to embark upon a deadly mission - surviving one another. After losing their captain, this rag-tag group of misled mercenaries fight for survival. An intense look at man's need to survive to survive and conquer at all cost, as cruelty and murder meet sexual desire and animal rage. You can look away, but you'll never forget The Dirty Seven.
Emanuelle, Queen of the Desert
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Dubbed Versions: Italian

Mono, Color, 35 mm
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