5 Steps to Unforgettable Sex
Voluptuous host Alex Marchant illustrates five easy steps to reaching new heights of sexual fulfillment and passion from Step One, “Arousal” through Step Five, “The After Glow.” Enhanced with explicit demonstrations by attractive couples, the viewer will learn ways to re-discover intimacy after childbirth, unlock the keys to sensuality, and overcome performance anxiety.
GENRE(S): Sex Ed
RUNTIME: (60 min)
YEAR: 1997
5 Steps to Unforgettable Sex
What is sexy?  What turns us on?

The art of seduction answers every man’s dreams to be a fly on the wall when three beautiful women go away for the weekend and talk about men.  Learn the truth about what really drives women wild.  

From the makers of Five Steps to Unforgettable Sex and Secrets of History’s Greatest Lovers, the Art of Seduction reveals what woman never tell you about men have always wanted to know.

Starring Lenora Andriel, Kim Dawson, and Oshanna Ray.  These women not only talk about their adventures, they take you there.  From Shari being ravished in the wine cellar to Lauren’s fantasy dance in an elegant supper club.  With warmth, humor, and intelligence these women will bring you into the world of erotica and teach you things you mother never taught you.
5 Steps to Unforgettable Sex
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