Coldplay: All Yellow
The incredible true story of the rise to success of Coldplay is documented in this independent review exploring the factors which influenced the band on the journey from unknowns, to superstars. Featuring a candid reassessment of the factors which shaped the music of Coldplay from the first days of the band through Parachutes to the ground breaking Blood To The Head and the controversial X & Y, this program is essential viewing for Coldplay fans everywhere. Featuring Highlights From: • Yellow • In My Place • Speed Of Sound. • What If • Square One • See You Soon • Life Is For Living • Don’t Panic • The Scientist • Clocks
STARRING: Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion
PRODUCED BY: Archive Media Publishing, Ltd.
GENRE(S): Biography, Alternative
RUNTIME: (66 min), YEAR: 2008
Duran Duran: The Ultimate Review
They were the first MTV superstars, their glamorous and influential videos brought the band to a worldwide audience, which lead to commercial and critical success. Drawing on rare live footage from the archives, this is the independent critical review of Duran Duran. The program features interviews with Paul Berrow - the band‚ ex-manager, Dave Ambrose who first signed the band to EMI, and Mark Tinley - Duran Duran‚ sound engineer and tech during their recent tour. Alongside a leading team of critics and musicologists, to provide penetrating insights into why the music worked so well, and why sometimes, it didn't. With live footage of the band in concert, TV and radio archives, this is the ultimate critical guide to the work of a band whose influence is still felt today. Featuring Highlights From: • Hungry Like The Wolf • Anyone Out There • Planet Earth • Girls On Film • Save A Prayer • Rio • Union Of The Snake • The Reflex • Wild Boys • View To A Kill • Notorious • Ordinary World
STARRING: Paul Berrow (the band‚ ex-manager), Dave Ambrose (EMI), Mark Tinley (sound engineer), Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Stephen Duffy, Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor, Simon Le Bon
PRODUCED BY: Archive Media Publishing, Ltd.
GENRE(S): Biography, Alternative
RUNTIME: (60 min), YEAR: 2006
Gigging & Grubbing
Gigging & Grubbing is the first program that features world-class musicians and their favorite places to eat on tour. Tapping into the rich history of music, food, and travel, Gigging & Grubbing half-hour programs celebrate the original social network: a live concert and a "can't miss meal."
STARRING: Rachel Owens (Critically Acclaimed Songwriter), Hali Hicks (Top 40 Country Artist), Billy Falcon (Songwriter for Jon Bon Jovi), Plain White T's, BJ Thomas, Joel Crouse, John & Jacob, and many more!
PRODUCED BY: Kenny Rudolph
GENRE(S): Concert, Alternative, Indie Rock, Country, * New Releases
RUNTIME: (8 x 30 Min), YEAR: 2015
Green Day: The Ultimate Review
This is a stunning retrospective featuring a comprehensive and detailed study of the music of Green Day. The film features rare live footage from film and television archives around the world, a leading team of music journalists, working musicians and Green Day insiders review and reassess the music. Featuring Highlights From: • King For A Day • Brain Stew • American Idiot • Basket Case • Welcome To Paradise • Maria • Blood, Sex and Booze • Macy’s Day Parade • Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) • Jaded • Plus Many More!
STARRING: Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool
PRODUCED BY: Archive Media Publishing, Ltd.
GENRE(S): Biography, Punk, Alternative
RUNTIME: (85 Min), YEAR: 2006
Nirvana: The Ultimate Review
Drawing on rare archive footage of Nirvana in performance, this powerful portrait is of the music that changed the world. The program features the views of the people who were closest to the band, including Kurt Cobain's grandfather Leland Cobain, housemate Dave Reed, photographer and friend Alice Wheeler, and even his guitar teacher Warren Mason. Also featured are the opinions of leading rock critics, musicologists and Kurt Cobain‚ biographer Charles Cross. This is indispensable viewing for every Nirvana fan. Featuring Highlights From: • About A Girl • All Apologies • Smells Like Teen Spirit • Negative Creep • Blew • Lithium • Heartshaped Box • Rape Me • Pennyroyal Tea • Plus Many More!
STARRING: Kurt Cobain, Leland Cobain (Kurt's grandfather), Dave Reed (housemate), Alice Wheeler (photographer and friend), Warren Mason (Kurt's guitar teacher), Charles Cross (biographer)
PRODUCED BY: Archive Media Publishing, Ltd.
GENRE(S): Biography, Alternative
RUNTIME: (138 min), YEAR: 2005
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Phenomenon
The rare ability to blend a raw hard rock sound with a tinge of funk is the magic formula which propelled the Red Hot Chili Peppers from obscurity to international superstardom. This is the powerful independent critical review of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Drawing on live performance footage from Woodstock and Red Square, the program features rare archive film and extensive interviews with the band, along with musical criticism from band producer Andy Gill, to Tom Binns and Natasha Scharf. Full Concert Performances: • Grand Pappy • Du Plenty • Give It Away • Suck My Kiss • Warped • Stone Cold Bush • If You Have To Ask • Organic Anti-Beat Box Band • Aeroplane • Blood Sugar Sex Magic • Under The Bridge • Power Of Equality
STARRING: Andy Gill, Tom Binns, Natasha Scharf, Anthony Kiedis, Michael "Flea" Balzary, Chad Smith, Josh Klinghoffer
DIRECTED BY: Alex Ridgway
PRODUCED BY: Archive Media Publishing, Ltd.
GENRE(S): Biography, Rock, Alternative
RUNTIME: (120 min), YEAR: 2005
U2: Phenomenon
This is the ultimate independent critical review of U2. Presented by leading broadcaster Mary Ann Hobbs, the program draws extensively on rare live footage of U2 in performance from film and television archives around the world. The U2 biographer and Zoo Tour DJ, BP Fallon, leads a team of music journalists and working musicians in a complete review of the work of U2. This review was made with complete editorial freedom. It is not approved, endorsed or associated with U2 or the management of the band. The result is the most hard-hitting, penetrating review of the music and personalities which shaped U2 ever produced. Featuring Highlights From: • Stories For Boys • Out Of Control • The Electric Co • Gloria, Elevation • New Year’s Day • Sunday Bloody Sunday • All I Want is You • Where the Streets Have No Name • Love Town • I Will Follow • Discotheque • Please
STARRING: Mary Ann Hobbs (broadcaster), BP Fallon, Bono, Adam Clayton, The Edge, Larry Mullen, Jr.
PRODUCED BY: Archive Media Publishing, Ltd.
GENRE(S): Biography, Rock, Alternative
RUNTIME: (65 min), YEAR: 2005
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