Claymation: Amazing World of Will Vinton (shorts)
Will Vinton's Amazing World of Claymation Closed Mondays (Academy Award winner, 7:37 min.) The Great Cognito (Academy Award Nominee, 3:11 min.) A Christmas Gift (8:16 min.) The Jumping Frog (4:00 min.) Dinosaur (13:04 min.) Legacy (5:23 min.) Mountain Music (7:18 min.) Go Down Death (8:00 min.) A Claymation Documentary (17:30 min.)
GENRE(S): Animation, Family, Claymation, Shorts
RUNTIME: (Approx 60 Min)
Claymation: Timeless Stories - A Christmas Gift
A charming story about a young boy choosing to share his Christmas dinner with an old woman. The idea is based on a Peter, Paul, and Mary song which narrates the tale. This is an early “music video” created in claymation.
STARRING: Director: Will Vinton Producer: Will Vinton and The Film Loft Animators: Don Merkt, Barry Bruce, Will Vinton Music: Peter, Paul and Mary
DIRECTED BY: Will Vinton
PRODUCED BY: Will Vinton
GENRE(S): Animation, Family, Claymation, Christmas, Shorts
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