Advanced Ice Age Civilizations & Atlantis
STARRING: Graham Hancock, John Anthony West
DIRECTED BY: Dr. Elliott Haimoff
PRODUCED BY: Cube International
GENRE(S): Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr - TV) (4 hrs - DVD), YEAR: 2006
Alien from Area-51
An unprecedented perspective on the UFO enigma from the men behind “Alien Autopsy Footage", including the truth about sinister Men in Black invading their lives; how the Chinese knew about the original footage; their beliefs in alien visitation to planet earth; how governments around the globe are dealing with the phenomenon; and the genetic manipulation of human kind.
STARRING: Interviews with Ray Santilli & Gary Shoefield (first to launch the autopsy footage) with Narration by O.H. Krill.
PRODUCED BY: O.H. Krill, Philip Gardiner, Warren Croyle
GENRE(S): UFO, Unexplained, Investigation
RUNTIME: (70 min), YEAR: 2012
Ancient Alien Question
Philip Coppens, star of the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series reveals an array of astonishing truths about our history, including a radically different understanding of the pyramids and how they were constructed.  Learn the extraordinary stories behind monuments such as the Nazca Lines and Puma Punku, analyze the latest historical and archaeological evidence, to discover proof that extraterrestrials came to Earth a millennia ago.
STARRING: Philip Coppens (History Channel's Ancient Aliens)
DIRECTED BY: Gerard Lohan
PRODUCED BY: Philip Coppens, Philip Gardiner, Warren Croyle
GENRE(S): UFO, Unexplained, Investigation
RUNTIME: (70 min), YEAR: 2012
Area 51: The Alien Interview
See footage from a government interrogation of an Alien that was held captive at the mysterious Area 51. Noted UFO experts and Hollywood special effects masters provide expert analysis. In this new Special Edition contains a 20 minute interview with "Victor" with new revelations about the existence of alien beings and the Government EBE program.
GENRE(S): Unexplained, UFO
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr - TV) (1.5 hrs - DVD), YEAR: 2008
Atlantis: Secret Star Mappers of a Lost World
Explore the hidden secrets of Atlantis. Scientists are now learning that Atlantis pre-dates the last ice age. This unique program presents startling new scientific evidence that Atlantis existed and was in fact an ancient seafaring culture with advanced knowledge of astronomy, global mapping and complex mathematics.
GENRE(S): Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr - TV) (6 hrs - DVD), YEAR: 2007
Billy Meier Story, The
In 1958, Billy Meier predicted the Iraq Wars, AIDS and global warming.  Discover how a young Swiss boy’s meetings with extraterrestrials would eventually lead him later in life through dozens of countries, meeting many famous world leaders – including Saddam Hussein – in order to fulfill ancient prophecies.
GENRE(S): Unexplained, UFO
RUNTIME: (90 min), YEAR: 2009
Crop Circles
Presented for the first time is the discovery of a "cosmic code" in the crop circle formations. This award-winning program represents the largest collection of films, photographs and research ever assembled on the crop circle phenomenon. Witness for yourself the stunning complexity, beauty and grandeur of crop circles in this amazing program. In the end what you will discover can only be called a miracle.
GENRE(S): Unexplained, Science
RUNTIME: (74 min), YEAR: 2006
Dark Secrets of the Black Sea
The Black Sea is a place of great mystery. Ancient legends describe a time when the oceans rose above the land, causing an entire civilization to vanish beneath the ocean. This program presents archeological evidence of ancient advanced technology and a lost civilization that flourished in the Dead Sea region before the end of the last ice age.
GENRE(S): Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr - TV / 5 hrs - DVD), YEAR: 2008
Egypt Exposed
Almost everything we once believed about the origins of our civilization is about to be undermined in the revelation of a lifetime.  Robert Bauval is a best selling author of numerous books and brings us up to date with the links between the Orion Correlation, the dating of the Sphinx and this new evidence.
GENRE(S): Investigation, Unexplained
RUNTIME: (80 min), YEAR: 2010
Frankenstein Science: Human Cloning
This program examines the tangled ethical and technical issues surrounding cloning with leading practitioners and thinkers in the field. Includes facts about this controversial field of science along with a series of spellbinding interviews with researchers, scientists, theologians, legal experts and the most credible biotechnology authorities in the world today.
GENRE(S): Unexplained, Science
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr), YEAR: 2002
Ghost Attack: On Sutton Street
Expert Ghost Hunters from Haunted Events UK search for life after death in the notoriously haunted Old Street Market of Sutton Town in historic old England. The area is so haunted that within minutes the investigation’s medium is contacted by not one, but four spirits, warning them not to split up or risk their lives.
GENRE(S): Unexplained, Investigation, * New Releases
RUNTIME: (60 min), YEAR: 2012
Ghost Hunt: Paranormal Encounter at Burlington County Prison
Is the Burlington County Prison Museum haunted? Do the spirits of executed prisoners continue to roam its halls? The answer will shock you! A group of paranormal enthusiasts entered the Burlington County Prison, in Mount Holly, New Jersey, to capture photographic, video and audio evidence in hopes of validating eyewitness testimony of alleged haunted activity said to have taken place throughout the building.
GENRE(S): Unexplained, Investigation
RUNTIME: (110 min), YEAR: 2012
Haunted House: Demon Poltergeist Attack
The team from Haunted Events UK are called in to a 400 year old, three story, Victorian house on old High Street in Sutton Town, England – allegedly the most haunted area of Britain. A never before filmed series of events occur, making this one of the most terrifying ghost hunts you will ever see.
GENRE(S): Unexplained, Investigation, * New Releases
RUNTIME: (80 min), YEAR: 2012
Hybrid World
Behind closed doors scientists and corporations have breached genetic codes that separate the individuality of all animal and plant species on earth.  “Transhumanism” will change the world by eliminating sickness and famine while at the same time, governments and military groups around the globe are having clandestine meetings to discuss super soldiers, super intelligence, and even super animals to maintain military dominance and control over the populations of the world.
GENRE(S): UFO, Unexplained, Investigation, * New Releases
RUNTIME: (60 min), YEAR: 2012
Killer Chupacabra, Adventures Beyond
Journey into the cave of Chupacabra. Venture into some of the most evil and foreboding castles of Europe, and a secluded region of the US where strange unexplainable apparitions have been captured on film. Includes exclusive footage and high-tech computer imaging of the creature based on eyewitness accounts. Adventures Beyond is made up of three segments; "Killer Chupacabra" (16 min.), "Dark Castle" (18 min.), & "Graveyard X" (19 min.).
GENRE(S): Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr), YEAR: 1993
Mysterious Man of the Shroud
This CBS primetime Easter investigative special challenges the old data, considers new DNA evidence and re-examines the connection between the sacred burial wrapping of Jesus Christ and the events, in an amazing new way.
GENRE(S): History, Religion, Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr), YEAR: 1997
Mysterious Origins of Man
Hosted by Charlton Heston, this film challenges what we are being taught about human evolution and the rise of early civilization. A new breed of scientific investigators present startling evidence that the academic community has quietly ignored. Includes two bonus documentary films "Jurassic Art" (55 min.), ÎBuried Evidenceâ (54 min.), and 4 interviews.
GENRE(S): Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr - TV) (6 hrs - DVD), YEAR: 1996
Mystery of the Sphinx
Hosted by Charlton Heston, this program presents geological evidence that the Great Sphinx of Egypt may be thousands of years older than thought. Includes the facts about this amazing mystery along with a fascinating series of spellbinding interviews with researchers, scientists and the best-known most credible ancient authorities in the world today.
GENRE(S): Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1.5 hrs), YEAR: 1993
National Treasures: Secret Signs & Symbols of the Founding Fathers
Drawing from the traditions of all ages, including the mystical knowledge of Alchemy and Kabbalah, investigative mythologist and author, William Henry, unravels vital knowledge lost within the icons of America to reveal the mysterious secret treasures of America's hidden heritage.
GENRE(S): Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr), YEAR: 2005
Secret, The: Evidence We Are Not Alone
The U.S. government cover-up on alien and UFO encounters is finally revealed! This program explores the trail of scientific discovery that proves the official U.S. government position on UFOs has been, and still is, a carefully orchestrated deception. Packed with bonus features, expert analysis and in-depth commentary about this alarming cover-up.
GENRE(S): Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr - TV) (6 hrs - DVD), YEAR: 2002
Shaman's of the Amazon
Discover what the Shaman's hallucinogenic rituals and their special relationship with nature have to offer humanity. Explore how plants give them knowledge and visions to provide answers to deep personal, spiritual and environmental questions. Includes three bonus documentary films "The Invisible People" (55 min.), "A Shamanic Adventure In Peru" (25 min.), "Terrance McKenna: The Last Word" (35 min.).
GENRE(S): Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr - TV) (4.5 hrs - DVD), YEAR: 2005
UFO Secret - Tunguska: The Russian Roswell
DIRECTED BY: Dr. Elliott Haimoff
GENRE(S): Unexplained, UFO
RUNTIME: (34 m + 16 m bonus), YEAR: 2006
UFOs and Cosmic Dimensions
Explores the evidence of extraterrestrial contact and the future of humankind. ABOVE TOP SECRET - Explores how world governments have controlled alien technology and the flow of information to the public. FROM THE LEGEND TO REALITY - Explores the origins
GENRE(S): Unexplained, UFO
RUNTIME: (3 x 85 min), YEAR: 1991
UFOs the Best Evidence
The most anticipated series of films ever made on UFOs from award-winning investigative journalist George Knapp! Features the most comprehensive examination of the UFO phenomenon ever produced. Includes three spell-binding full-length films, with photos and documents, along with an unprecedented collection of interviews with researchers and eyewitnesses including the most credible UFO authorities in the world today.
GENRE(S): Unexplained, UFO
RUNTIME: (3 x 1 hr), YEAR: 1994
UFOs: 50 Years of Denial
The government cover up of UFOs and recovered alien technology! Former and current U.S. Military and Intelligence officers disclose stunning facts about recovered alien technology, the existance of Area 51, and NATO's involvement in the 50 year cover up.
GENRE(S): Unexplained, UFO
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr - TV) (2 hrs - DVD), YEAR: 1997
Unexplained: Witches, Werewolves & Vampires
This primetime NBC Halloween special looks at the legends and lore, and reveals the facts surrounding these intriguing and frightening entities. Includes bizarre case histories, interviews with present day vampires, investigations into the practices of modern witches and looks at the psychological and medical disorders which cause people to believe they are werewolves.
GENRE(S): Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr), YEAR: 1996
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