Extreme Sports: Beyond Any Limits
Everyone has heard of rock climbing and street luging, but what about rock climbing without any ropes and street luging at speeds of more than 75 mph? BEYOND ANY LIMITS takes extreme sports to the next level highlighting the adrenaline rush of athletes as they test the limits. So buckle up as we take you beyond any limits previously known to go street luging, free soloing, stunt bungee jumping, snow kiting, B.A.S.E. jumping, ice sailing, cliff dancing and waterfall kayaking!
GENRE(S): Sports
RUNTIME: (8 x 1/2 hr), YEAR: 2008
Extreme Sports: Blue Addiction
13 unbelievable episodes of the strongest waves in the world being conquered by the best water sport athletes in some of the bluest waters on the planet. Come along for the ride of your life as tow-in surfers ride waves more than 70 feet high, daredevil stunt jet skiers flip over waves as tall as buildings, wake boarders reach for the stars and wind surfers try their luck against the life threatening pull of the ocean.
GENRE(S): Sports
RUNTIME: (13 x 1/2 hr), YEAR: 2008
Extreme Sports: Insane Wipeouts
Each episode of INSANE WIPEOUTS will blow you away with some of the most astonishing wipeouts caught on tape. Whether on land, in the air or on water, viewers will be amazed by the unforgettable visuals of these stunning crashes including motorcycle and B.A.S.E. jumper crashes, street luging wipeouts, 360s, windsurf and kiteboard crashes, big wave wipeouts and snowmobile tricks gone wrong.
GENRE(S): Sports
RUNTIME: (8 x 1/2 hr), YEAR: 2008
Extreme Sports: Zero Gravity
B.A.S.E. jumping is the latest craze in daredevil sports. ZERO GRAVITY dares you to take part in some of the most outrageous jumps ever attempted in exotic locations such as Norway, Sweden, Malaysia and Mexico. Hold on to your seats as we take you bungee jumping inside caves deeper than the Empire State building, see these athletes fly through the air like birds and watch as the bravest (or most insane) motorcyclists drive their bikes off the highest cliffs in the world!
GENRE(S): Sports
RUNTIME: (13 x 1/2 hr), YEAR: 2008
Fight Like a Girl
Follow Jill Morley as she delves inside the world of female boxers to meet the women who are passionate about fighting hard. Real emotional histories and traumas bubble up, fleshing out a compelling story about women overcoming adversity.
STARRING: Jill Morley, Maureen “The Real Million Dollar Baby” Shea, Susan Merlucci-Reno, Kimberly Tomes, Melissa Hernandez and Laila Ali
DIRECTED BY: Jill Morley
PRODUCED BY: Tchavdar Georgiev
GENRE(S): Sports, * New Releases
RUNTIME: (82 Min), YEAR: 2013
Into The Cold: A Journey of the Soul
Widely acclaimed environmental advocate, photographer, and polar explorer Sebastian Copeland’s dramatic expedition to the North Pole takes him across 400+ miles on foot through a magnificent environment that is rapidly disappearing. “Into The Cold takes you deep into the stark reality of an expedition to this vanishing place in a way rarely seen on film. Pay attention, this is an important film!” - Ridley Scott, Film Director (Blade Runner, Gladiator)
DIRECTED BY: Sebastian Copeland
PRODUCED BY: Sebastian Copeland
GENRE(S): Exploration, Nature, Travel, Sports, Ecology
RUNTIME: (87 min), YEAR: 2011
Modern Gladiators
Martial Arts masters such as Jet Li, Sammo Hung, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Rorian Gracie, Bas Rutten, Cynthia Rothrock, and David Carradine discuss their disciplines and how they use their techniques to the greatest success. A comprehensive insight into this unique art and sport with dramatic fight footage and rare demonstrations.
GENRE(S): Sports
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr), YEAR: 2002
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