Mercedes-Benz, Fascination: The History of
Progressive technology & exceptional design along with the passion to build the best automobiles in the world define Mercedes-Benz. Take a ride through history and see how the inventions of Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz changed the world of engineering and automotive feats. With sensational never-been-seen exclusive footage from the Daimler Chrysler archives, this program is bound to thrill historians and motoring enthusiasts.
GENRE(S): Cars, History, Technology
RUNTIME: (6 x 1 hr), YEAR: 2006
Motor Mania
Here is every motorsports fan's dream! Our hostess, Kiaora Bohlool, takes viewers to the racing pits and finish lines, so close to the action that you can feel the thunder of top fuel dragsters! Each episode presents a variety of motorsports from monster trucks to screaming snowmobiles, or extreme motorcross and more. If it's got a motor, then Motormania covers it!
GENRE(S): Cars
RUNTIME: (52 x 1/2 hr), YEAR: 2009
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