Motörhead: The Bronze Era
They're the sires of speed metal, the god fathers of thrash - since their major label debut album 'Overkill' 30 years ago, Motörhead have proved to be amongst the hardest, fastest and most enduring forces in modern rock music. This film is the white-knuckle critical review of the band‚ amazing rise to power from the very beginning, through their glory years and up to the departure of legendary axe-man 'Fast' Eddie Clarke. Hear the candid revelations of Gerry Bron of Bronze Records, as he recounts the dubious pleasures of dealing with the most notorious band of the decade. Guitarist Brian 'Robbo' Robertson also speaks about his time in Motörhead alongside Wurzel, guitarist from the original 'dual guitar' 4-piece line-up from 'No Remorse' to 'Sacrifice'. Featuring Highlights From: • Motörhead • Metropolis • Killed By Death • No Class • Ace of Spades • Overkill • Bomber • Please Don’t Touch • Stay Clean • Iron Fist • The Chase Is Better Than The Catch • Plus Many More!
STARRING: Gerry Bron (Bronze Record), Brian 'Robbo' Robertson
DIRECTED BY: Bob Carruthers
PRODUCED BY: Archive Media Publishing, Ltd., Bob Carruthers
GENRE(S): Biography, Heavy Metal
RUNTIME: (61 Min)
YEAR: 1982
Motörhead: The Bronze Era
Motörhead: The Bronze Era
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Master Format: SD

Stand Def 16:9
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