Ninja Strikes Back, The
Bruce is out to destroy the mob, avenge his fathers death & take back his sister and the ambassador's daughter. Ending in a final hand to hand showdown in the famous Coliseum in Rome.
STARRING: Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport), Harold Sakata (Goldfinger), Bruce Le (Challenge of the Tiger), Casanova Wong
DIRECTED BY: Andre Koob, Bruce Lee
PRODUCED BY: Andre Koob, Dick Randall, Jean-Marie Pallardy
WRITTEN BY: Joseph Kong
GENRE(S): Martial Arts, Action
RUNTIME: (81 Min)
YEAR: 1982
Ninja Strikes Back, The
Bruce Le stars in this globe trotting martial arts actioner packed with erotic scenes. Bruce finds himself on the receiving end of the mob's wrath after he attempts to leave their employment and make a new start. The police recruit Bruce to rescue an ambassador's kidnapped daughter who is being held by none other that Harold 'Odd Job' Sakata and Bolo Yeung (who as coincidence would have it, also happen to have kidnapped Bruce's sister and murdered his father back in his native Hong Kong). Bruce set's out to destroy the mob (who along the way also murder Bruce's girlfriend) avenge his father's death and take back his sister and the ambassador's daughter. It all culminates in a final hand to hand showdown in the famous Coliseum in Rome.
Ninja Strikes Back, The
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Film Print, DBC PAL 16:9
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