William & Catherine: A Royal Wedding (Part 2)
Part 2: THE WEDDING The entire world waits in anticipation of the wedding of the century, as the new "people's princess" Kate prepares to take her vows.
DIRECTED BY: Maureen Goldthorpe
GENRE(S): Biography
RUNTIME: (70 min)
YEAR: 2011
William & Catherine: A Royal Wedding (Part 2)
This exclusive one hour special gives unprecedented access to the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton, in what has to go down in history, as one of the most historic events of the century…. The Royal Wedding Day, beamed around the world by London's prestigious news network ITN, follows every step of the Royal couple's individual journeys to Westminster Abbey. It includes the bridal entrance, exchanging of the vows and rings, the wedding ceremony and William and Kate's arrival as man and wife at a glittering reception at Buckingham Palace… Also revealed is the lead up to the great day, and the inside story on how Kate's idyllic childhood was the perfect foil to Prince William's own cloistered and tragic, upbringing. Due to his parents divorce and the untimely death of his mother Princess Diana, the programme vividly illustrates how William and his new bride had the goodwill of the world behind them on their wedding day…. We also get a unique insight into the location of the Royal Wedding – one of the oldest and most beautiful churches on earth, Westminster Abbey. Steeped in history, the programme reveals some of the background to the place where the Royal couple made their vows - a sanctuary that has seen numerous Kings and Queens of England pass through its hallowed doors… We reveal the "behind the scenes" story about how Prince William proposed to Kate and why he chose to give her Princess Diana's engagement ring. And Royal insiders reveal both the pleasures and pressures for William and Kate in the run up to the most talked about wedding of the century. What are the Royal couple really like? Is Kate really feisty behind her demure image? Will she become a fashion icon like Diana? And is Prince William really as secure and urbane as he appears…? Full of regal pomp and ceremony, this is the definitive fully documented film on the most eagerly anticipated Royal Wedding since Prince Charles and Princess Diana married nearly 30 years ago….with all the insiders 'take' on the lead up to the big day, and your own personal invitation to one of the most celebrated Royal occasions in living history….
William & Catherine: A Royal Wedding (Part 2)
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