Area 51: The Alien Interview
See footage from a government interrogation of an Alien that was held captive at the mysterious Area 51. Noted UFO experts and Hollywood special effects masters provide expert analysis. In this new Special Edition contains a 20 minute interview with "Victor" with new revelations about the existence of alien beings and the Government EBE program.
GENRE(S): Unexplained, UFO
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr - TV) (1.5 hrs - DVD)
YEAR: 2008
Area 51: The Alien Interview

In late 1996 a man identifying himself only as “Victor,” and claiming to possess irrefutable video-taped proof that the government has actual filmed captive living EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) at a top secret government base known as Area 51, approached executives at Vega 7 Entertainment offering to make this  remarkable footage public.

AREA 51: THE ALIEN INTERVIEW unveils this compelling video footage to the world for the first time, and incisively explores the facts and myths surrounding the mysterious Area 51. Hosted by Steve Williams (“X” on “The X-Files”) the program closely probes the history of alleged US Government interaction with EBEs. Noted UFO experts and researchers and Hollywood special effects masters give their candid reaction as they view this amazing footage for the first time.

The program also puts “Victor” himself on film. Hear him describe how and why he came to possess this extraordinary TOP SECRET footage.Is this a hoax or is it the most     significant discovery of our lifetime? Could this prove once and for all...that we are not alone? See for yourself. 

Area 51: The Alien Interview
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Lise Romanoff and Adam Wright
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