Quiet Hour, The
Humans are slowly becoming extinct as Aliens deplete all of Earth’s natural resources and relentlessly kill its inhabitants. A teenage girl who managed evade the invaders, takes refuge in her parents farmhouse. She now must fight to protect her helpless blind brother and what little they have left from the human scavengers who will stop at nothing to take what is not theirs in this post-apocalyptic society.
STARRING: Dakota Blue Richards (The Golden Compass), Karl Davies (Game of Thrones, Kingdom), Brigitte Millar (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)
DIRECTED BY: Stéphanie Joalland
PRODUCED BY: Sean McConville
GENRE(S): Thriller, Sci-Fi
RUNTIME: (82 Min)
YEAR: 2015
Quiet Hour, The
Humans are few and far between since Earth was invaded by unseen extra-terrestrial machines that harvest the planet’s natural resources and relentlessly kill its inhabitants. In a remote part of the countryside, where starved humans have become as dangerous as the alien machines hovering in the sky, a feisty 19 year old girl, Sarah Connolly (Dakota Blue Richards) sets out on a desperate attempt to fight back a group of bandits and defend her parents’ farm, their remaining livestock, and the solar panels that keep them safe from extra-terrestrials. If she doesn’t succeed, she will lose her only source of food and shelter; but if she resists, she and her helpless blind sibling will be killed. And if the mysterious intruder dressed like a soldier who claims he can help them turns out to be a liar, then the enemy may already be in the house.
Quiet Hour, The


Sep 24, 2014
Helen Earnshaw - Female First
The Quiet Hour is one of the British films to watch out for, as director Stephanie Joalland tackles the sci-fi/thriller genre. The Quiet Hour will mark the feature film directorial debut for Joalland, as she makes the transition from short films. The Quiet Hour is set after an alien invasion where a young girl and her blind brother fight for survival and defend their farmhouse from extra-terrestrials. Dakota Blue Richards takes on the central role of Sarah, and is joined on the cast list by Karl Davies, Jack McMullen, and Brigitte Millar. The Quiet Hour will screen as part of the Gala section of the festival and is one of the British movies that is not to be missed.
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Nov 10, 2014
Katy Vans - Blueprint
Dakota Blue Richards plays Sarah, a young girl trying to survive in the aftermath of an alien invasion with her blind brother Tom (Jack McMullen). Into their lives comes Jude (Karl Davies) a man looking for sanctuary being chased by a group of pursuers who are after revenge and more. This is the debut feature from Stephanie Joalland, with a background in screen writing this French director made this low budget UK sci-fi in just 3 weeks. The alien spaceships look like giant malevolent wasp nests hanging in the sky. With very little exposition we are on familiar ground, this is definitely a sci-fi film. It has a strangely nostalgic feel at turns making me think of Day of the Triffids (blind brother), Mad Max (baddies get up) and The Road (bleak fighting for survival); although its most striking parallel is most definitely Straw Dogs. The Quiet Hour still There is a very English bleakness about the film’s atmosphere and the leads are quiet and non hysterical, stoical; just how you might expect most of the UK to act were we to get invaded by aliens. No one really knows what the aliens want but the survivors are just as much threatened by other humans as by the drone patrols that go out hunting them. There is a tense, creeping horror when the residents of the house become under siege from the outsiders seeking revenge and resources; they seem woefully underprepared in the circumstances to really fend off attackers even with their extra man. They appear painfully naïve which only adds to your sense of dread about what might befall them. It’s not quite the UK’s version of District 9 but this quiet film is a real treat, its references make you feel like you’ve seen it before but you haven’t; we need more sci-fi in the UK on the big screen and this is a good place to start. More of this please Stephanie.
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Oct 06, 2014
Ivo Bochenski - Britflicks
It seems the UK is full of low budget film efforts, most of which involve an artistic combination of ‘authentic’ characters venting social grievances within confines of a kebab shop / council flat / run-down estate (stop me if you’ve heard this before). Along comes French director Stephanie Joalland, to give us authentic characters eking out a solitary existence in an Irish farmhouse- following an alien invasion. The aliens are still out there, as evidenced by mysterious ever-present forms hanging in the sky. Step out the front door at the wrong time, and you’re toast. Every day there are two one hour periods of calm (the titular story mechanic). We open with main character Sarah (Dakota Blue Richards) burying her father in the front garden. Joalland’s story (which she also wrote) is a simple but effective three-hander, made up of: Sara, her younger brother Tom (Jack McMullen), blinded from a too-close-encounter, and enigmatic drifter Jude (Karl Davies), who appears from the wilderness with a bullet in his leg. As you may guess from the above, this is a kind of scenario which handled properly will tell itself. It’s a close cousin to Retreat (remote cabin plus Cillian Murphy) and just about any film where a stranger with a secret comes knocking on the door (and no, this is not a reference to Game of Thrones). Handled badly, a confined-space thriller like this is wont bring out various method histrionics (mixed with inevitable social grievances). Wisely, Joalland’s script and her young cast steer clear of all of that and focus on story; keeping the characters low key (regrets, fears, suspicions and desires all bubbling beneath the surface). Jude’s enigma, when finally resolved, fits perfectly with The Quiet Hour’s vision of a desolate, post-apocalyptic Britain.
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Oct 06, 2014
Sebastian Caine - Raindance Film Festival 2014
A wonderful twist on the alien invasion genre that reveals humanity to be the deadliest threat of all. Set against the backdrop of an alien invasion that has seen the earth mined for resources, ‘The Quiet Hour’ riffs on Sam Peckinpah’s seminal ‘Straw Dogs’ to wonderful effect and proves that money is less important than a fantastic script, skilled direction and nuanced performances by accomplished actors. Dakota Blue Richards is Sarah, a young girl trying to simply survive in the aftermath of the alien invasion with her blind younger brother Tom. Into their lives comes Jude, a man who has lost his family and is desperate for sanctuary from human pursuers who prove far more dangerous than the alien threat hanging – quite literally – above their heads. Determined to protect the family farm from the threat outside, Sarah finds herself at war with her brother as she’s forced to take the risk of trusting Jude, despite Tom’s fears he may not be as innocent as he’s claiming to be. In the face of potential extinction at the hands on an alien race, ‘The Quiet Hour’ proves that humankind is by far the deadliest threat to our own existence.
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Sep 19, 2014
Declan Cochran - Critics Associated
With perhaps the biggest star of all the films included here, (Dakota Blue Richards who played the lead character “Lyra” in “The Golden Compass”), this is a science-fiction/thriller about mankind surviving in the wake of an alien invasion, where the greatest threat might be mankind itself. The trailer for this one was gritty, almost horror-film-esque, and will surely earn Richards a new image as an actress unafraid of darker roles and more adult movies. All in all, it looks like an excellent line-up for a festival with just the right amount of winners, oddballs and originals.
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