Street Boss
Based on a true story from the book "With Honor and Purpose" by FBI agent Phil Kerby, Street Boss is his quest to bring down Detroit's most notorious mobster, Tony Jack. Tony owned the town, the police were paid off, corruption ran deep, and there was a price tag on David Goldberg's head.
STARRING: Vincent Pastore (Good Fellas), Nick Turturro (NYPD Blue)
DIRECTED BY: Lance Kawas
PRODUCED BY: Mark Bierlein
GENRE(S): Action, Crime, True Story
RUNTIME: (98 min)
YEAR: 2009
Street Boss
Anthony J. Giacolone (Tony Jack) owned the city and nobody ever stood in his way. The police were paid off and anyone who posed a threat to Tony or his crew ended up with a price tag on their head. This all changed when David Goldberg and his family became Jack’s newest targets, and Phil Kerby vowed to put an end to this extortion once and for all.

When David Goldberg fired his long time friend and Tony Jack’s nephew, Jimmy Callone, he never thought that he would have to face the wrath of Tony Jack himself, but he was seriously mistaken. Within days, Tony Jack appeared at David’s home with an ultimatum: “Pay us One Hundred Thousand Dollars or you and your family die!” Goldberg, not trusting the police, decides to deal with the problem himself, but his daughter has a different idea and turns to FBI Agent Phil Kerby for help.

Kerby quickly realizes that Tony Jack is not a small time extortionist; his connections ran deep. The police are afraid and the corruption is extreme. But now Kerby, the new agent transferred to this Michigan FBI Bureau is about to make some serious changes. His first mission: to take Jack down, bring safety back to David Goldberg’s family, and return justice to the town.

Kerby enlights the help of another local FBI Agent, Paul Miller. They use undercover agents, high tech surveillance, and insiders to gather the details of Jack’s extortion, gambling rings and crime sprees. As the inAestigation is about to reach a boiling point, one of Kerby’s fellow FBI agents turns out to be a snitch and blows the whistle on the investigation. Now, Kerby is forced to confront the Mafia alone.

Will Tony Jack prevail over the tenacious lone FBI agent on a mission, or will his empire crumble around him?
Street Boss
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