Berlin '48: The Great Airlift
Through the worst winter in German history, across fog-shrouded airways, with primitive radars, this is the story of the brave airmen that kept a city alive despite the odds. Berlin, reeling from the catastrophe of World War II, was held hostage in a power struggle between the Western Allies and the Soviets, with one thousand flights every single day.
GENRE(S): Military Wars, History, WWII
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr)
YEAR: 1998
Berlin '48: The Great Airlift
They kept a city alive, despite the odds... Still reeling from the catastrophe of World War II, 1948 found Berlin hostage to a power struggle between the Western allies and the Soviets. At issue – how to return the once great city to a unified government
Berlin '48: The Great Airlift
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Lise Romanoff and Adam Wright
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