Magical Reef: The Islands of the Four Kings
Deep beneath the islands of Indonesia lies a secret underwater paradise of strange shapes, vibrant colors and elegant beauty. These coral reefs of Raja Ampat contain the most exotic and incredible species of fish and sea life in the world.
DIRECTED BY: Stephan Stahl
PRODUCED BY: Stephan Stahl
GENRE(S): Nature, * New Releases
RUNTIME: (50 Min)
YEAR: 2020
Magical Reef: The Islands of the Four Kings
Between Indonesia and the Philippines lies a sea with maybe the highest wealth of species in the world.  Only a few meters away from the beach begins the cosmos of the coral reefs.  Colorful perches and little anemones swim around with rays and fire fishes.

A world, this numerous and multifaceted, could easily complete with the rainforest in the Amazon and Kongo.  Every inch hides surprises and experiences about those wonderful landscapes.

Shot in best 3D you can‘t get any closer to the corals.
Magical Reef: The Islands of the Four Kings
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Master Format: 3D/ HD

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