Rainbow: Total Rock Review
Rainbow produced some of the finest hard rock music ever recorded, under the creative leadership of Ritchie Blackmore. This unique program gives a rare insight into the workings of a band which endured over 20 years, eight studio albums, countless hits, and line-up changes involving twenty different band members. This program includes revealing interviews with former Rainbow front man Doogie White give a compelling account of Rainbow‚ inner framework, and in sight into what it means to tour and record with the man he calls ‚the finest guitarist of a generation‚Äù. Also features rare live footage combined with interviews, and the incisive views of leading musicians and critics, making this the comprehensive critical review of the of one of the most successful bands in rock history. Featuring Highlights From: • Man On The Silver Mountain • Catch The Rainbow • I Surrender • Sixteenth Century Greensleeves • Kill The King • Since You Been Gone • Hall of The Mountain King • Plus Much More!
STARRING: Ritchie Blackmore, Doogie White
DIRECTED BY: Bob Carruthers
PRODUCED BY: Archive Media Publishing, Ltd., Bob Carruthers
GENRE(S): Biography, Heavy Metal
RUNTIME: (114 Min)
YEAR: 2009
Rainbow: Total Rock Review
Rainbow: Total Rock Review
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