Avenging the Throne (AKA Adormidera)
A swords-and-sorcery epic set in the late 1300's in Malta. A band of battered warriors stumble upon a fort after a bloody battle, and what was meant to be a one-night stopover rapidly escalates into a whirlwind of intrigue, sex and brutal medieval showdowns.
STARRING: Andrei Claude, Lori MacFayden, Joseph Calleja
DIRECTED BY: Raymond Mizzi
PRODUCED BY: Christian Ellul, Karl Schranz
GENRE(S): Action, Historical
RUNTIME: (90 Min)
YEAR: 2013
Avenging the Throne (AKA Adormidera)
Malta, the late 1300s.  Five soldiers are returning home from battle.  Hungry and exhausted, they stumble upon a fort, where they request food and lodging for the night.  When suspicious things start happening, Tristan de Leon, the epitome of a true general, cannot ignore them and sets out to incriminate the traitor.

What was meant to be a one-night stopover rapidly escalates into a whirlwind of intrigue and an epic sword fight for retribution. Will a beautiful woman change Tristan's destiny? Or is he doomed to die in his ever quest to protect his land against invaders?
Avenging the Throne (AKA Adormidera)
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