Blood Money
When a powerful warrior from the Shaolin Dynasty in China turns to crime after his parents are killed and his sister kidnapped, the drug cartels of America, Australia, and Hong Kong are about to feel the sting of the world's most dangerous hitman!
STARRING: Zheng Liu (Shaolin warrior, Action hero), Pitbull (Fast and Furious), Chai Hui "Gordon" Liu (Kill Bill)
DIRECTED BY: Gregory McQualter
PRODUCED BY: Gregory McQualter, Ian McDowell, James McQualter
GENRE(S): Action, Martial Arts
RUNTIME: (105 Min)
YEAR: 2012
Blood Money
Zheng Zhou is the most feared warrior from the Shaolin Dynasty in China. His fighting and weapons skills are legendary. But when his parents are killed and sister kidnapped, he turns to a life of drugs and crime that will almost kill him. With the help of Hong Kong’s notorious Dragon Triad syndicate, Colombia’s biggest drugs cartel hatches an elaborate plan to traffic two tonnes of crack cocaine through the Port of Miami in America and ultimately into Australia and China. But when the partnership turns sour after the Cartel holds a Triad family member hostage, the Triads recruit Zhou to rescue the girl and kill the Colombians.

What ensues is a bloodied street war across three countries. Zhou turns international Hitman with an arsenal of hi-tech surveillance devices, explosives, high powered weaponry and an array of fighting skills dating back fifteen hundred years. But just as Zhou rescues the hostage and takes control of the entire drugs shipment, the Triads and Colombians re-ignite their partnership with a view to having him killed. As the hunter becomes the hunted, Zhou finds he has no-where to run and no-where to hide. That is until fate steps in and a Shaolin Monk from his past not only saves his life, but changes his world forever.
Blood Money


May 29, 2012
iamrogue - http://www.iamrogue.com
"Blood Money is an all-out action movie"
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Aug 26, 2013
- 2013 Action On Film International Film Festival
"Blood Money" Nominations at 2013 Action On Film International Film Festival Best Action Film Best Action Star of the Year, Zheng Liu Best Cinematography Best Villain in an Action Film, Alex Castro Best Fight Choreography Best Special Effects Best Action Sequence / Martial Arts Best Breakout Action Star, Gordon Liu
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Sep 06, 2012
Jen Yamato - MOVIELINE
Pitbull Makes His Acting Debut (As Pitbull!) In Shaolin Drug Cartel Actioner Blood Money
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Sep 08, 2012
- Futureofflorida.com
NEWS: Pitbull (@Pitbull) Makes His Acting Debut in Blood Money, a Hyperviolent Shaolin Drug Flick Set in Miami
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Aug 27, 2012
Michael S. Moore - Kiai-Kick
Kiai-Kick’s Q & A with the director of Blood Money Gregory McQualter
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Sep 06, 2012
Albert Valentin - KUNG FU CINEMA
Hailing from China, former Shaolin monk Zheng Liu recently made his film debut opposite Hong Kong legend Gordon Liu and former American Gladiator Alex Castro in BLOOD MONEY. Some are hailing Zheng as the “Next Bruce Lee” due to a bit of a resemblance to the legend. In this interview, we asked Zheng about his martial arts background, making his first film, and how he feels about being called the next Bruce Lee.
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Sep 20, 2012
Mike Gencarelli - MEDIA MIKES
Zheng Liu made his film debut in the action/thriller “Blood Money”. The film also co-stars rap superstar Pitbull and martial arts legend Gordon Liu. Zheng is already being compared to be the next Bruce Lee. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Zheng about his film, doing his own stunts and what he has planned next
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Sep 07, 2012
Pitbull, The Actor, Debuts in Blood Money, a Hyperviolent Shaolin Drug Flick Set in Miami.
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Aug 28, 2012
Trailer, One-sheet, Synopsis and release date posted.
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Sep 06, 2012
Ben Pearson - MYSPACE - WHAT’S HOT
Pitbull may have recorded the theme song for this summer’s Men in Black 3, but he’s not exactly Will Smith when it comes to his acting skills. The rapper is making his debut in an action film called Blood Money that’s available now on DVD and VOD, and it’s one of those action movies in which the bad guy threatens to kill not just the good guy, but “every person you have ever known in your life.”
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Sep 11, 2012
This week the Miami-based rapper/Men In Black 3 ditty composer known as Pitbull makes his acting debut in the martial arts/action film Blood Money playing himself, naturally — a rapper who just happens to drop club bangers before giving sage drug game advice like "Go hard or go home!" to stone-faced visitors after the show.
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Sep 05, 2012
Trailer clip posted.
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Sep 06, 2012
ENTV - Exclusive Clip
Blood Money Exclusive "Pitbull" Clip: In this exclusive clip from "Blood Money" Pitbull stars as himself and gives some advice on working in the drug game. Also featuring the music of Pitbull. A young man (elopes with the girl he loves and moves to South Africa, where he works in the diamond-exporting business. Slowly, he is pulled into the underworld. Starring Manish Chaudhary, Kunal Khemu and Amrita Puri.
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Sep 20, 2012
David Johnson - DVD VERDICT
Mixed review of Blood Money.
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Sep 03, 2012
Blood Money Review: A Flaming Trainwreck Of Gun Fights And Wire-Fu.
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